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Heh...heheheh...Philia. It's all your fault. You betrayed me.


Gabriel (ガブリエル, Gaburieru?), known as Indalecio in the original English translation, is the main antagonist of Star Ocean: The Second Story and the leader of the Ten Wise Men. These highly-skilled biological weapons once attempted to take control of the universe billion of years ago but were imprisoned in Eternity Space, where they waited for a time when they could attempt to achieve their goals.


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Four billion years ago, Nede ruled over the whole universe with an iron fist, not allowing freedom to conquered planets. Some of their technology was leaked to planets wishing to be free, who then took that opportunity to band together and wage war against Nede for their freedom. Nede resisted well, but estimation showed they would soon be outnumbered if the conflict carried on, so they sought a solution to stop the rebellion.

Gabriel, or rather Dr. Lantis (ランティス博士, Rantisu-hakase?) which is his original identity, was a genius scientist at the time. He and his daughter Philia lived on Nede during the war. The government thus requested the creation of biological weapons in order to win the war and to keep their iron grip on the universe. Lantis then created the Ten Wise Men, supreme and near-invincible biological weapons, in order to put an end to the revolt.

However, non-Nedians and even inhabitants of Nede itself disliked the project, as creating biological weapons was a crime and went against natural law. In ordeer to stop the project, these oppositors committed a terrorist act, during which Philia was killed. The Nedian military tried to hide this information from Lantis, but he eventually found out what had become of his daughter through the information gathering units within the Wise Men (Raphael, Zadkiel and Camael).

After learning of Philia's death, Lantis went mad with anger and grief, and reprogrammed the Ten Wise Men. He altered them to instead destroy the universe, which he now considered imperfect and decaying. Lantis made another artificial being, Philia, in an attempt to resurrect Philia's consciousness and as a limiter on the power he would soon obtain. However, the Ten Wise Men had unexpected difficulties achieving their goal.

But Lantis would not leave his plan unfulfilled. He programmed Gabriel, the last unfinished member of the Ten Wise Men (who was to be a last-resort weapon of total destruction), to be a vessel of his own consciousness if he died. Ultimately, the Nedians cornered the Wise Men and Lantis in his lab; before they could be destroyed, Lantis sealed the Ten Wise Men (including Gabriel) in Eternity Space, a dimensional void where time does not advance and can only be accessed from the outside. Lantis then committed suicide, and the Nedians assumed the Ten Wise Men were trapped forever. Yet, Lantis (his consciousness now in Gabriel's body) had a way to escape Eternity Space, which he would do in the far future, to fulfill the plan.


Four billion years after the war, Gabriel escapes Eternity Space and sends himself and the Ten Wise Men along with a Quadratic Sphere to the planet nearest to Energy Nede, which happens to be Expel. The Ten Wise Men use the Sphere's energy to move the planet toward Nede. This caused a dark, radiation-like influence to spread all over the planet, creating natural disasters, the appearance of dangerous monsters, the transformation of animals into monsters, and negative influence on the behavior of civilians. As people of an underdeveloped planet, the Expellians first thought the Sphere to be a rare meteorite, and dubbed it the "Sorcery Globe". The presence of Rena, whose pendant was in fact a Quadratic Key, advanced his plan, moving the planet in a matter of months instead of a hundred years, as it would have without her Quadratic Key interacting with the Quadratic Sphere.

Gabriel is first seen when Claude, Rena, and the others reach the top of Eluria Tower, where the Ten Wise Men wait by the Sphere, but stays in the shadows for most of the discussion, instead leaving most of the speaking to his subordinates. His only words are that it is impossible for them to save Expel even if they wanted to; he then orders the others to teleport to Nede using their power just before the collision of Expel against Nede's energy shield. The Ten Wise Men soon discover after the collision of the planets that their power has also teleported Claude, Rena, and the others to Energy Nede, but he does not consider them a threat and orders the others to leave them be.

On Energy Nede, Gabriel takes possesion of the Symbol of Annihilation in order to destroy the universe. He later acquires the resources and technology to built an antimatter cannon which he uses to destroy the Calnus in front of Claude, killing his father in the process. Lucifer claims that they plan to use the lost Nedian technology that includes the cannon and teleporters to conquer the universe, but one can conclude that this was to hide their true goal since the party were unaware of it at the time.

Gabriel does not appear again until the end of the game. If the player completes several side quests, the truth about Gabriel's and Philia's pasts can be unlocked before the final confrontation at the top of Phynal.

At the very top of Phynal, where the final battle takes place, Gabriel is seen standing before the Quadratic Sphere, which he plans to use in conjunction with the Crest of Annihilation to destroy the universe. The resulting battle with Claude and the others varies greatly in difficulty, depending upon whether the Private Action involving Philia has been completed or not. If it has not, Philia acts as a seal on his power, weakening him greatly. However, if the limiter is released, Gabriel uses all his power, making the last battle much more difficult.

The discussion also varies depending on if this Private Action is completed or not. If his limiter is still on, Gabriel speaks about destroying the universe. If the limiter is released, however, he will first kill Philia, then express his anger and hatred for the universe.

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Gabriel is clad in white and red, has long red hair, and piercing green eyes. He was never drawn in detail in any artwork or cutscenes prior to the remake, Second Evolution, in which he appears to be in his 20-30's. In the anime, his appearance is similar, except that his hair is shown as greyish white.

Gabriel's personality previous to Philia's death is unknown. In-game, his actual personality is hard to identify since he doesn't show up often, and his Lantis persona is little more than a name in the secret files. From what is viewed in-game though, Gabriel can be seen as stoic, confident, highly intelligent, reserved, and often speaks in a formal well-read manner. He is followed loyally by all the Ten Wise Men, except for Lucifer.

In any case, he seems to have been a caring father once, whose daughter's death drove him to commit atrocities in retaliation. He is so obsessed with her fate that he creates an artificial life form to resurrect her consciousness, which acts as Gabriel's power limiter (as seen in a PA in Second Evolution). However, he is so far gone that it is him who brings Philia's second death after she asks the party to kill her.


Gabriel is the game's final boss and is fought at the final dungeon, Phynal Tower. As the leader of the Ten Wise Men, he is effectively the strongest among them.


  • In the PSX version, Unlimited Gabriel on Universe Mode's MP automatically goes down to 999 as the creators of the game didn't program it to go higher than 20,000. It is unknown if this can be considered a glitch, however.
  • Gabriel is the only storyline character featured in the tri-Ace games as a whole to not only be the final boss, but also the final superboss, thus making him the only tri-Ace antagonist to have possibly surpassed the company's strongest trademark boss, the Ethereal Queen (though which of the two is stronger is matter of debate).
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