The Fourth-Dimensional Beings are the only race that seem to inhabit Fourth-Dimensional Space. Their practices are rather strange: labour is seen as a privilege, meaning that only the highest people in society actually have a job. The lower class citizens simply live out their lives in comfort.


Fourth-Dimensional Beings resemble Humans in nearly every regard. It is most likely they based humans on themselves, so they could easily relate with their creations. Fourth-Dimensional Beings have a regular life span, but time passes differently in Fourth-Dimensional Space (In reality, time passes normally for 4D beings, while the concept of time in the Eternal Sphere is trivial, as players can pick both locals and time periods to play in), so to a Third-Dimensional Being, they seem to live for millenia.

Notable Fourth-Dimensional Beings

Given her status in the Star Ocean universe, it is possible that Welch Vineyard is also a Fourth-Dimensional Being. Another possibility is Puffy and Ruddle; however, it is also possible that all three are just recurring NPC characters that were designed to be that way by Luther and his team of developers. Another possiblity is that they are existence that are mysteries even to 4-D beings, such as Fayt, Sophia, and Maria's powers, which absolutely baffled and amazed Blair and Luther. In addition, according to the Nel solo ending in Till the End of Time, Elena Frahm's quotes (such as "I like this world...") hint that she too may be a 4D Being. However, one can take her words to simply mean that she loves the world and its people; this can be said by anyone who love and want to protect their world. She does possess knowledge that seems a little too advanced for the people on that planet, but a few of the other runologists do as well (such as the male runologist that Fayt has a rather detailed discussion with on the nature of light and physics). Her knowledge could be explained if she was an alien, which is entirely possible due to the fact that many advance alien races exist and most of them look exactly like Elicoorians or rather, humans.

Dictionary Entry

A mysterious race that lives in a different universe, known as 4D Space. All information concerning this race is enshrouded in mystery, including its characteristics and the sophistication of its civilization.

A sentient race living in 4D Space that created the Eternal Sphere--the universe where Fayt and his companions live. The Fourth-Dimensional Beings' civilization is extremely sophisticated, and they believe that any labor which combines productivity and consumption must be restricted and held to a bare minimum in order to maintain their world. In fact, labor itself is prohibited to all but members of a privileged class.