You might never be able to rid yourself of that pain. It might influence how you live until the day you die. But, right now, Relia... I want you to live for me.

Fidel Camuze

Fidel Camuze (フィデル・カミューゼ, Fideru Kamyuze?) is the protagonist of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. He is a fencing instructor and guards his hometown, on the borders of the Kingdom of Resulia, with his skills. Fidel was taught by his father Daril Camuze, the kingdom's most proficient warrior.


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Integrity and Faithlessness: Fidel Camuze

Birthplace: Sthal, Faykreed IV
Birthday: April 8th, 514 S.D.
A young man who, in the 530s (S.D.), aided the federation in their fight to quell a Kronos rebel faction.
While Fidel's relationship with his father is initially strained, spending time with a young girl named Relia helps him understand what his dad went through with him. Fidel even decides to adopt some of his father's philosophies, so affected was he by those events.
Currently, Fidel is working to become a member of the federation's army. Some might argue that his true job, however, is taking care of Relia, whom he has come to treat as his own daughter.

Birthplace: Sthal, Faykreed IV
Birthday: April 8th, 514 S.D.
A young man who, in the 530s (S.D.), aided the federation in their fight to quell a Kronos rebel faction.
In the aftermath of their war against Kronos, Fidel became Relia's guardian. He has since been struggling on a daily basis to become the perfect father figure for her.
His current goal is to get Relia to eat foods she doesn't like. He has been trying to eat fish—something he hates—in an attempt to get her to follow suit.


In S.D. 537, Fidel defends Sthal from ruffians that seek to pillage the town. After the assault, Fidel realizes they cannot withstand any more attacks and must request aid from the Resulian army. Together with Miki, the two begin traveling to Central Resulia and encounter Victor Oakville, who is escorting Fiore Brunelli to the capital. He offers to do so the same for them. Upon arrival, they speak to Daril, but their request is denied since Daril needs as many men as possible to fight against Trei'kur.

Fidel and Miki return via the Dakaav Footpath, and are ambushed by bandits from Eitalon. The ambush is cut short by the sight of a massive flaming object crashing nearby, causing a huge explosion. Fearing their supply base may have been the target, the bandits run off immediately. Fidel and Miki, for their part, investigate and find a space shuttle (although they have no idea what it is), nearly invisible and burning. A little girl, Relia, walks out of the ship. Two men exit the ship and demand Relia be returned, but Fidel fights back. The armor is impervious to Fidel's attacks, but Relia's "signets" activate and freeze the soldiers in space-time. Relia then faints and Fidel takes her back to Sthal.

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Being the protagonist of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Fidel is the initial playable character. He wields one-handed swords in battle, and his skills (learned from the Swordsman's Manual skill book series) are largely reminiscent of Fayt Leingod's. He shares three of his battle skills with Victor, who also learned the Camuze sword style from Daril.

He returns as playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. He currently has two variants: "Fidel" and "Winter Fidel". His standard variant was the Attacker starter choice for new players in the Global version, whereas his Christmas variant is featured in A Surprise Christmas Party.

Family Tree

Fidel Tree

Other appearances

Lord of Vermilion

LoV Fidel card

Fidel appears as a recruitable character in the arcade card battle game Lord of Vermilion Re:3 Dear Servant alongside Miki and Fiore, and with the -Saviour of the 13 Swords- update, Claude C. Kenny and Precis F. Neumann from Second Evolution, and Gabriel Celesta from The Last Hope.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Fidel appears as an obtainable playable character in the Final Fantasy series as part of a collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Fidel is a 4-6★ unit. His Trust Master reward is called a passive ability called Fortitude and Vigor. His Limit Burst is "Ethereal Blast". His passive traits are: ATK +20%, Father's Teachings, Unstoppable Resolution, Leader by Proxy, and Defender of the Weak. Fidel learns the following abilities: Double Slash, Air Slash, Mirror Blade, Abyssal Gate, Cyclone Blade, and Air Raid.


Integrity and Faithlessness


  • Fidel is a male given name of Hispanic or Latin American origin, and is derived from the Latin fidelis, meaning "faithful".
  • Given that Fidel and Victor join the Federation military, the Camuze sword style is integrated into their training programs, and is likely eventually learned even by Federation civilians, as seen with Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Out of universe, this is actually the reverse: it was Fayt's playstyle the one that influenced Fidel's.

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