Fidel Camuze (フィデル・カミューゼ, Fideru Kamyuze?) is the main protagonist of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Fidel is a 23-year-old swordsman living in the village of his birth, on the borders of the Kingdom of Resulia. He was taught by his father Daril Camuze, the kingdom's most proficient warrior, and guards the village with his skills. He also appears in Star Ocean: Anamnesis


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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Fidel wields a one-handed sword in battle. He is a strong, durable fighter and has multi-hit moves to pummel the enemy.

Fidel's skills are largely reminiscent of Fayt Leingod, Claude C. Kenny and Edge Maverick, sharing names as well as animations for their abilities. Fidel's normal attack animations are nearly identical to Fayt's.

As people without the ability to use Signeturgy, Fidel and Victor can use special moves by consuming MP. Fidel specializes in Camuze-style swords-based moves. 

Special Arts

Name Attribute MP Cost Skill Book Description
Air Slash ATK, INT 6 Swordsman's Manual I Unleash a shock wave that barrels straight toward the enemy.
Double Slash ATK 16 Swordsman's Manual II Perform a two-stage attack by slashing up and then down, the second slash of which slams your opponent into the ground.
Mirror Blade ATK 22 Swordsman's Manual III Slice and dice an enemy with five instantaneous strikes, the final one of which may knock the foe into the air.
Shotgun Blast ATK, INT 15 Swordsman's Manual IV Unleash a lightning strike that explosively shoots forward. Enemies hit may have their vision clouded.
Death Palm ATK, INT 10 Swordsman's Manual V Unleash the power of channeled energy from the palm of your hand. The blast will continue in a straight line after piercing enemies.
Abyssal Gate ATK, INT 22 Swordsman's Manual VI Gather energy, then charge toward an enemy and deliver a merciless blow. The aura enveloping your body may damage the enemy as well.
Cyclone Blade ATK 28 Swordsman's Manual VII Spring into the air while spinning to cut down surrounding enemies. Those caught in the attack will be launched helplessly into the air.
Air Raid ATK, INT 34 Swordsman's Manual VIII Raise an enemy into the air, and then loose a wave of energy that both slams him to the ground and blasts nearby foes.

Reserve Rush


Fidel's Ethereal Blast.

Fidel's Reserve Rush attack is "Ethereal Blast", also similar to Fayt's ability. When activated, Fidel summons a massive amount of energy, lifts into the air and forms wings out of this energy. After a moment, he unleashes that energy into a concentrated blast, dealing massive damage over several hits until the blast widens, covering the entire field, dealing 3 more extra-powerful hits.

Ethereal Blast will achieve victory immediately against most enemies. This requires the strategic use of filling and consuming the Reserve Rush gauge for optimal damage, though at later portions of the game, boss type enemies will be able to withstand even the most powerful blast.

Attribute Scaling

1 234 89 17 8 11 10
20 3674 555 88 47 80 57
50 12240 1416 203 110 190 133
75 21998 2753 364 198 345 240
99 28437 4024 550 300 523 364
125 35652 5739 753 410 717 498
150 40692 7203 914 498 872 605
175 44498 8667 1029 561 982 681
200 53797 10488 1103 601 1053 730
225 63718 12021 1146 625 1094 758
255 74209 13840 1174 640 1121 777

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Fidel

Winter Fidel

Family Tree

Fidel Tree


Integrity and Faithlessness
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


  • Given that Fidel joins the Federation military, it is possible that Fidel's style of swordsmanship is later integrated into the military and taught to future soldiers, becoming a popular style of combat. This is reinforced by the fact that Fayt Leingod in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time uses the same style of swordsmanship as Fidel, hundreds of years after the events of Integrity and Faithlessness.