Fayt Portrait
Sometimes, you're the only one that can make a difference.
—Fayt Leingod

Fayt Leingod (フェイト・ラインゴッド, Feito Raingoddo?, lit. Fate Linegod) is the main protagonist of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Fayt is a 19 year old student of Symbological Genetics in the Bachtein Science University. His father, Dr. Robert Leingod, is a famous authority on Symbological Genetics, a highly controversial scientific field.

Fayt, though a serious student in his chosen field, is somewhat lazy when it comes to his college work when he is on vacation and takes every opportunity during his vacation to Hyda IV, a famous resort planet, to ignore his work.

Dictionary Entry

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Fayt Leingod
An ordinary human student born on Earth who is studying in the Symbological Sciences Department of Bachtein Science University. Fayt enjoys physical activity more than studying, and was given an award for his performance at the Universal Basketball competition. Both of his parents worked and were almost never home from the time he was an infant, but this did not leave any particular emotional scars, and he grew up normally. Undoubtedly, his childhood friend Sophia has a soothing effect on his personality. Fayt himself also seems aware of this fact.
Fayt Leingod (Part 2)
In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of the 4D beings, Fayt's parents and their fellow researcher Dr. Clive Esteed gave Fayt the power of Destruction. Things have sure changed since that vacation on Hyda IV.


Hyda IV

It seems you're good at physical games, but you still have a ways to go with games that require you to use your brain. I think you should exercise your mind a bit more.
—Robert Leingod
Fayt's journey starts during vacation on the Federation-owned planet Hyda IV. While staying at the beach side resort Grantier with his parents and childhood friend Sophia Esteed, Fayt spends most of his time playing video games, much to the chagrin of Sophia. After meeting the up and coming child star, Peppita Rossetti, Fayt manages to convince Sophia to play a game with him. Not long after the game ends, Hyda IV comes under attack by an alien force and the populace is forced to flee to an evacuation facility, separating Fayt and Sophia from Fayt's parents. Once aboard the escape ship, they are attacked again and forced to escape into deep space in escape pods, further separating Fayt from Sophia.

Vendeeni's Attempts

Fayt Blade of Fury

Fayt and Cliff battling Norton on Vanguard III.

After drifting through space for a week, Fayt crash lands on the underdeveloped planet Vanguard III. He gets a Simple Sword from the escape pod, and travels through the forests before collapsing in the backwater town of Whipple. Here he is rescued by two orphaned children, Meena and Niklas and learns that the town has been recently terrorized by an extraterrestrial known as Norton. While Fayt is resting he gets to know the two orphans. Then, Meena's Music Box broke. When Fayt goes back to the escape pod to get some equipment to fix it, the escape pod is missing the part required, with other parts along with it. He assumes that Norton took them, and returns to Whipple. When he returns, he hears around town that Niklas, headed over to Norton's place, suspicious of Fayt being one of Norton's henchmen. Fayt, along with the recently revealed Quark member Cliff, defeat Norton and rescues Niklas from his cells. Cliff urges Fayt to meet his boss and the two leave on his ship, along with Mirage Koas.

While in space, Fayt is attacked once again by the same alien forces, the Vendeeni. The ship makes a crash landing on another underdeveloped planet, Elicoor II. Mirage escapes while Fayt and Cliff are taken prisoner by the Kingdom of Airyglyph before being rescued by the Aquarian spy, Nel Zelpher. Due to their knowledge of superior technology and the wreckage of the ship, they assume the identities of engineers from the technologically advanced Kingdom of Greeton, and are coerced by Nel to help the Kingdom of Aquaria. After witnessing the negative impact the war is having on the people, Fayt decides to help Aquaria complete the Thunder Arrow weapon.

During the final battle of the war, a Vendeeni battleship interferes and opens fire on all parties. Cliff lets slip that they Vendeeni were actually after Fayt the entire time, and in a display of emotion and power, Fayt unleashes a strange blast that disintegrates the ship effortlessly.

Fourth-Dimension War

To tell the truth, I find it pretty hard to believe that you're the ultimate weapon that will save the galaxy.
Marietta to Fayt while aboard the Diplo after the party's journey to 4D Space.
Fayt eventually discovers that his father experimented on him and embedded symbols into his genes. Fayt was given the power of Destruction. Upon the awakening of this power, Fayt destroyed this Vendeeni battleship, which was carrying soldiers attempting to abduct him. Fayt's power of Destruction also allows the party to harm the entities within 4D Space in the latter half of the game.
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt Victorious 3P

Fayt standing victorious.

Fayt wields swords in battle and all of his normal attacks consist of simple slashes and kicks. His battle skills reflect his power of Destruction and become progressively more magical as he levels up. At first, his learns symbologically powered physical attacks like Blade of Fury and SIde Kick. He also gains the ability to bestow symbological elements on his sword in the form of Blazing Sword, Ice Blade, and Lightning Blade. He then learns more powerful mid-range skills like Shotgun Blast and Air Raid. His best level up skill, Dimension Door, has him release dark energy in a circle around him, paralyzing all enemies, and then teleporting for a final slash.

His final skills reflect the Angelic styling of his Destruction gene: Divine Blade summoning an angel to bless his sword and his most powerful skill, Ethereal Blast, having him gain angel wings and fire an exploding beam of holy energy into the groud. He also learns some of the most powerful symbology in the game, another reference to his Destruction gene. In terms of style, Fayt is a Symbological Swordsman--like Ashton Anchors hundreds of years prior.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Fayt

Groom Fayt

SRF Fayt

Family Tree

Fayt Tree

Other appearances

Jack Russel of Radiata Stories gains a Fayt costume after a certain scene. He also shares Fayt's victory pose when using a one-handed sword.

Fayt appears as an obtainable playable character in the Final Fantasy series as part of a collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


Till the End of Time
Material Trader
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


  • His 3P Costume pays homage to Claude C. Kenny, the protagonist of Star Ocean: The Second Story.
  • In the Japanese version, Fayt's name is a direct contrast to the name of the game's final boss, Fayt's name meaning the one following the line of God while Lucifer was said to have rebelled against God.
  • Fayt is the first main character in the series not to use the Edarl sword style. He uses the Camuze sword style pioneered by Daril Camuze.
  • Fayt has the same Japanese and English voice actor combination as the character Sōichirō Nagi, from the manga/anime Tenjho Tenge, created by Ōgure Ito.