Fargett is a desolate planet. We have very little water and natural resources to work with.
—Yvena, leader of the Fargett Resistance.

Fargett is a developed planet from Sector Gamma, and is ruled by Jie Revorse's dictatorship. Its enviornment is harsh and hostile to human life. Due to this fact, the inhabitants of Fargett began researching genetic engineering and spatial theory in order to find ways to cope with and adapt to their enviroment. The sky does not appear blue and at night stars cannot be seen from the planet's surface. 

The capital city of Fargett is Vadgupe, protected by a huge, sheer cliff to its southern face while to the north of the city lies an abandoned Bio-lab which had once been used in an attempt to develop plants capable of thriving on the planet. There is an underground tunnel which connects the Bio-Lab to Revorse Tower in Vadgupe. South of Vadgupe, hidden in a rocky crag is one of many Fargett Resistance safehouses scattered accross the planet. 


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Fargettian FD

After the Muah arrived at the planet of Fargett through a space\time vortex, they faced an unliveable world. Their only solution was to genetically modify their own members and create a species called Superhumans in order to withstand the planet's nature, and find a way to return home to Earth. At the time that this genetic research began, however, the science was forbidden by Fargett law.

Millenia later, Jie Revorse, a powerful Superhuman, vanquished the planet's governors and erected a dictatorship. He also waged war against the Terran Alliance, joining Lezonia in the war.

In response, the Terran Alliance ordered Captain Ronyx and the crew of the Calnus to assist the Fargett Resitance in assasinating Jie Revorse in a joint-operation.