Faize Sheifa Beleth (フェイズ・シッファー・ベレス, Feizu Shiffā Beresu?) is the tritagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. A young Eldarian, he is working alongside other Eldarians to assist shipwrecked ships on Aeos when he first meets Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji, of the Space Reconnaissance Force.


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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Faize is a genetically-created Eldarian: as atmospherical conditions on Eldar are incredibly harsh due to the state of its star, reproduction is enhanced by genetic engineering.

Faize is first met on planet Aeos. He and a group of Eldarians go to the aid of the shipwrecked spaceships on Aeos to aid the Earthlings at the request of the SRF Commander. He encounters Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji at the crash site of one the ships, but before he can properly introduce himself the group is attacked by Armaros and he helps them dissipate the new threat. He then tells the, rather surprised, partners that he is what they could refer to as an alien. Amazed at this they question if the SRF had known about his race, to which he replies positively. He explains the two are wanted back at the new base established at the SRF-003 Calnus site.

The trio returns and Edge and Reimi are shocked at the advancement of the site. What had been a crash site has been transformed into a huge exploration base thanks to Eldarian technology. Meeting Supreme Commander Gaghan and their own commander, they explain that Faize's magic is symbology, and the three get made into an actual group. Edge is promptly given command of the SRF-003 Calnus with Faize and Reimi as his only crew members.

Acting as the Calnus' navigator, the trio make for the unexplored planet Lemuris. After setting foot in Triom Village they are treated as gods, for one of the villagers had seen them land in the "celestial ship". They come to the aid of Ghimdo Triom Phi, the village chief, who seems to have some sort of disease. Ghimdo explains that the disease, called Bacculus, is plaguing the planet and it turns people into stone. A child walks in and begins drawing on the floor next to the village chief: his granddaughter. Faize realizes she is drawing a symbology symbol. Amazed, he asks Ghimdo about it, who explains that Lymle is the planet's best symbologist. Whilst Faize laughs at the explanation, Lymle summons Cerberus, a blazing demon dog, to sic Faize, in effect silencing him.

After finishing the symbol, therefore delaying the disease's effect, Lymle tells her Grandfather that she's leaving to get a symbol. Shocked and concerned about her safety, he explains that she means to go to a hermit symbologist living in a tower to learn a spell to cure the disease by herself. Before Ghimdo has a chance to ask, Edge decides to help her get there using the SRF exploration mission statement as a reason. Asking only to stop treating them like gods, all four leave for the tower.

After traversing a snowfield, the group enters Alanaire Citadel (where Edge's hidden symbology instinct kicks in). When they reach the top they see the symbologist being attacked. After fighting off the Dragon Newt, the tower starts to collapse, taking the symbologist along with it. Cursing their late timing, Lymle explains that her friend in nearby Woodley Village should know a way to cure it. When asked about her knowledge, she states that one must write their name on the walls of the tower when mastery of the symbol is completed. The group heads to Woodley Village.

After Edge and crew escape from the Alternate Earth and land on Roak, Faize has a run-in with a girl from a tribe of nomads called the Black Tribe. They share a common interest in symbology, and the girl gives Faize a cloak which he wears for the rest of the game. When Sarah Jerand is kidnapped, it turns out the nomads were kidnapped as well. After hearing an augury from the oracle Eleyna Farrence saying that Sarah and the nomads have been captured for a sacrifice ritual in the Purgatorium, Faize insists that they hurry and storm the Purgatorium, leading to a brief argument with Edge. After searching the Purgatorium the next day, defeating the cultist leader and rescuing Sarah, Faize learns that the friendly tribe girl had been slaughtered, thus being the catalyst for his descent into darkness.

Upon returning to Aeos and finding the exploration base in ruins, the crew runs into Crowe F. Almedio and Arumat P. Thanatos, who save them from an onslaught of Phantoms. Eventually, Arumat informs Edge's crew that Eldar is no more. Initially, Faize is struck by disbelief and sorrow, but Crowe reassures him, saying that the Eldarians managed to escape and that their refugee ships are orbiting Aeos with the Aquila. Upon notification that the Eldarian ships are under attack, Edge advises Crowe to protect the Eldarians while his crew takes out the Grigori located on Aeos. Faize, concerned for his brethren, decides to go with Crowe to ensure that they will be safe, and promises they'll meet again on En II. Arumat joins Edge's crew in Faize's place. Unfortunately, the Phantom warships proved formidable as many Eldarian ships were destroyed.

After Faize witnesses many innocent people die, people whom he was powerless to help, he becomes possessed by the Grigori and the party must face him at the end of the game as the final boss, the Apostle of Creation.

Upon undergoing conflicted thoughts and feelings, he transforms into Satanail, and the party defeats him for the final time. He comes back to his senses and Edge and Lymle rush to his side. After making amends with Lymle, and apologizing to Edge, Nox Obscurus begins to collapse, due to Faize's defeat. Giotto appears in a transport symbol, urging everyone to get to the symbol. Picked up by Edge, the two make way for the symbol, avoiding the collapsing segments of the Palace of Creation. Talking to Edge along the way, Faize asks Edge where he went wrong as all he wanted was to protect people. The two talk for awhile, despite the peril, and Faize realizes he should have protected people with his own power, instead of reaching for a power that was right in front of him.

As the pair get close, a floor segment collapses, causing Faize to fall. As Edge continues to hold on to him, Faize is amazed by Edge's willpower. Entrusting him with the continued safety of the universe, Faize lets go of Edge's hand, falling into the abyss to his (presumable) death. However, Faize manages to help Edge even after his apparent death. Edge looks to the rest of the party and gives Giotto the signal to teleport them out of Nox Obscurus, before jumping into the abyss after Faize. Faize's Sol reaches Edge in time and takes him to safety.

Edge makes many points in his argument against continuing contact with underdeveloped planets. Much of his motivation likely stems from Faize's death. Soon after the events of the game, the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact was created.

The hidden "Faize ending", obtained by viewing eight specific Private Actions over the course of the story, takes place on Lemuris. As Lymle is standing at her grandfather Ghimdo's grave, and after she says how she isn't really lonely, she starts to silently cry. An unknown figure greatly resembling Faize walks up to Lymle and places a daisy in her hair. When Lymle turns around and sees him, she smiles. Like the other hidden "Crowe ending", this is also open to interpretation. However, it implies that Faize did survive and has gone into seclusion on Lemuris to be with the remaining Eldarians.

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A young Eldarian, Faize is the first being from another planet that Edge Maverick ever met. His looks are indistinguishable from any Earthling. A stickler for politeness and harmony, Faize is capable of cool, calculated reasoning, and his engineering talents are vast enough that he designed the Sol (an Eldarian shuttlecraft) on his own. He can also use symbology. Still, he was deeply moved upon meeting Edge, looking up to his swordsmanship skills and take-charge attitude. Seemingly quiet and calm, he is in fact easily surprised and emotionally swayed, revealing a pure, honest side to his personality.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

In battle, Faize's skills focus entirely on Symbology, though is still competent in close-range fighting. At first, Faize has only access to Earth Glaive but learns more symbols as he levels up. Though he can fight pretty well in close range, he never learns any close range battle skills, leaving something to be desired. He specializes in Dark and Earth symbology but is also proficient in Ice and non-elemental symbology as well.

Faize is also skilled in Alchemy, which allows him to transmute common metals into rare materials and create a small number of potions.


His symbols are Minor Supportive and Major Destructive.

Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Earth Glaive 10 INT x195%-260% 5-14 3 Level 1 Earth elemental attack symbol; Blades of stone burst forth from under the enemy's feet.
Antidote 1 NA 4 NA Level 6 Curative symbol; Purifies one ally of poison.
Ice Needles 10 INT x312%-532% 5-14 2 Level 12 Ice-elemental attack symbol; Launches six needles of ice at the enemy and increases to nine at level 10.
Stone Rain 10 INT x195%-430% 7-16 4 Level 21 Earth-elemental attack symbol; Countless rocks rain down on the enemy.
Shadow Needles 10 INT x162%-332% 5-14 2 Level 27 Shadow-elemental attack symbol; Launches five needles of darkness at the enemy from behind and increases to eight at level 10.
Enlighten 10 NA 16 NA Level 34 Support symbol; Temporarily boost one ally's INT by 30%. At higher skill levels, the effect duration increases.
Deep Freeze 10 INT x161%-281% 7-16 4 Level 41 Ice-elemental attack symbol; Cools the air surrounding the enemy, freezing them from ground up.
Vampiric Blade 10 INT x41%-131% 10-19 4 Level 48 Shadow-elemental attack symbol; Mows down the area surrounding the caster with dark blades that absorb MP.
Terra Hammer 10 INT x304%-672% 21-30 NA Level 55 Earth-elemental attack symbol; Digs up three giant boulders then smashes them to the ground, and increases to six at level 10.
Dark Devourer 10 INT x375%-646% 21-30 NA Level 61 Shadow-elemental attack symbol; Summons a creature from the netherworld so it could feast upon the enemy.
Reaping Spark 10 INT x163%-311% 10-19 5 Level 66 Non-elemental attack symbol; Creates four black spheres that slice up anything inside.
Extinction 10 INT x269%-399% 7-16 6 Level 73 Non-elemental attack symbol; Encases the enemy in a ball of light, then releases the energy inside in an explosive blast.
Divine Wave 10 INT x447%-616% 21-30 NA Skill Manual Non-elemental attack symbol; Summons a wall of light around the caster, damaging nearby enemies.


  • Eldarian Rapier
  • Guardian's Rapier
  • Iron Saber
  • Icicle Rapier
  • Elastic Rapier
  • Rune Saber
  • Mithril Rapier
  • Sylph's Saber
  • Infinity Saber
  • Sky Sword
  • Onyx Saber

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Faize appears, along with Welch, as one of the pre-registration campaign rewards in the Global version. From 07/10/2018 to 07/24/2018, he was given to all players who downloaded the game (as the goal to obtain him was met).

Faize sheifa beleth icon Faize SOA Caster

Information Sword & Sheathe - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
The Gifted One Damage dealt to single enemy +30%, and +15% chance of causing stun (party)
Eldarian Honor 80% chance of surviving a lethal attack and symbol invocation time -80% at 10% HP or more
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Eldar Necrospike (Dark Element) AP cost -30% (20 seconds) INT x 3000% 12
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Cursed Devourer (Dark Element) 42 INT x 570% 5
Cursed Vampiric Blade (Dark Element) 32 INT x 370% 5
Cursed Shadow Needles (Dark Element) 23 INT x 240% 5
Cursed Reaping Spark (Dark Element) 37 INT x 520% 12
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 13,020
ATK 1,458
INT 3,124
DEF 1,076
HIT 924
GRD 749


The Last Hope
Material Trader


Faize's last name, Beleth, is the the name of a fallen angel and one of the kings of Hell. This demon is said to be bent on saving the earth from destruction from the drove of humans who have become too thick in numbers.


  • While on Roak, Faize receives a cloak that he wears in cutscenes and in battle. He eventually wears it as a memento. A running gag with the cloak is that Lymle says it looks horrible on him. This eventually plays a small part in the final battle as it allows Lymle to identify him before they fight.
  • In the second playthrough onward, when Faize is about to leave the party, you can choose to keep him instead of letting Arumat join. If you do keep Faize, though, the story will still continue as if Arumat joined the party and Faize left., with Arumat is appearing in cutscenes even though he isn't in the party. Of course, Faize will appear on the Calnus instead of Arumat, therefore eliminating any Private Actions with the latter.