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Esperance (エスペランス, Esuperansu?) is a planet in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. Located in as-of-yet-uncharted space, Esperance is the second planet visited by the crew of the GFSS-3214F.

Its true name is unknown by the crew, so Evelysse christened it "Esperance" and is registered as such in Coro's database.


According to Coro's sensors, there are a large group of man-made structures indicative of a metropolitan area. The number of life-forms occupying the city is disproportionately small compared to the scale of the metropolis, as the population is on the verge of extinction. Long-abandoned parts of the city have been overrun by vegetation. The people of Esperance have a higher level of civilization than those on Maere.

There is a large cavern just beneath the planet's surface, product of its resources being siphoned by a spaceborn civilization's large-scale mining operation.


The GFSS-3214F lands on Esperance in hopes of finding spare parts and materials with which to repair the battered ship, but also to investigate Coro's initial reports. As soon as they enter the planet's atmosphere, the short-range sensors quit responding, confirming their suspicions on the presence of the same illicit mining operation they found on Maere. They begin by surveying the city grounds to determine what caused the reduction in the local population; they also install a counter-jammer to restore the ship's sensors. At the survey area, the Captain and Evelysse defeat a plantlike creature and send a sample for Coro to examine.

The route through which they must continue their investigation is blocked by an enormous plant-based life-form, as the rest of the areas are all cliffs. Evelysse finds a detour by doing a bit of reconnaissance, the opening hidden in the tree's roots. She suspects it to have once been used as an expressway. Up ahead, there are numerous corpses of plant-based life-forms due to thornite attacks. They secure a sample of the beast.

Coro manages to track down the location of the pulse tower jamming their signals. The Captain and Evelysse remove its energy unit, restoring the short-range sensors. Once the duo is back aboard the ship, Coro tells what the thornite sample revealed as he has determined what caused Esperance's ecosystem to collapse. The creatures' DNA are all perfect matches, that is, while it appears they are fighting many different organisms, in actuality they are all one organism (in simpler words, "clones of the same self-replicating life-form"). The Captain and Evelysse kill the parent source. Back on orbit, as the planet no longer has to worry about the thornites' abnormal replication, Coro believes the population will recover. Suspecting those who left the tower to be responsible for the thornites, they leave the star system and go to Farbrooke.


Clearing mission 2-31 "Who Is Responsible?" unlocks the Augmentation feature, found in the Characters menu and which makes possible for characters to be upgraded to their next Rarity (i.e. a character can evolve from 5☆ to 6☆ rarity and unlock hidden battle skills and talents). Completing mission 2-31 earns the player the "Clear Chapter 2" title.

All battle missions have as their primary rewards the following items: the rare S. Limit Breaker, random Augmentation crystals (e.g. M. Red Crystal, S. Red Crystal) and experience prisms (e.g. Red Prism Stone), enhancement hammers (e.g. Bronze Hammer: Enhance, Stone Hammer: Enhance), as well as random 2-2☆ weapons (e.g. Walloon Sword, Inferior Sword).

The following enemies appear: Vomiting Gel, Man-Eating Tree, Mist Grave, Thornite Pack, Toy Soldier, Albero di Anima. The mission board is as follows:

  • 2-1 Esperance (惑星エスペランス?) - Story
  • 2-2 Verge of Extinction (エスペランスの現状?) - Story
  • 2-3 Abandoned City Survey (都市跡地調査?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.31) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Silver Prism.png x1, SOA M Red Crystal.png x5, SOA M Yellow Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-4 Nothing to Write Home About (文明の残骸?) - Story
  • 2-5 Exodus Along the Escarpment (崖沿いの道(1)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.32) - Gem x100, SOA M Blue Crystal.png x1 (initial clear)
  • 2-6 Precipitous Combat (崖沿いの道(2)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.33) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Silver Prism.png x1, SOA M Purple Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-7 Cliffhanger (崖沿いの道(3)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.34) - Gem x100, SOA M Green Crystal.png x1 (initial clear)
  • 2-8 The Wall (立ちふさがる壁?) - Story
  • 2-9 Rampart Reconnaissance (謎の障害物偵察?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.35) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Platinum Prism.png x1, SOA M Yellow Crystal.png x5, SOA Stamina Ticket.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-10 Not a Wall at All (壁の正体?) - Story
    • 2-11 Dead End (森のわき道?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.36) - Gem x100, SOA M Red Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-12 Forest Detour (森の迂回路(1)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.37) - Gem x100, SOA M Blue Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-13 Detour Some More (森の迂回路(2)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.38) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Silver Prism.png x1, SOA M Purple Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-14 The Long Way Around (森の迂回路(3)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.39) - Gem x100, SOA M Green Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-15 End of the Detour (森の迂回路(4)?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.40) - Gem x100, SOA M Yellow Crystal.png x5 (initial clear)
  • 2-16 Plant Graveyard (戦闘の跡地?) - Story
  • 2-17 Of Verdure and Vermin (森林地帯探索?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.41) - Gem x100, SOA Fire Armlet.png x1, SOA Ra Platinum Prism.png x1, SOA S Red Crystal.png x15 (initial clear)
  • 2-18 Thornite Threat (バーベッド?) - Story
  • 2-19 Primeval Forest Survey (原生林の探索(1)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.42) - Gem x100, SOA S Blue Crystal.png x15 (initial clear)
  • 2-20 Deeper into the Forest (原生林の探索(2)?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.43) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Silver Prism.png x1, SOA S Purple Crystal.png x15 (initial clear)
  • 2-21 Primeval No More (原生林の探索(3)?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.44) - Gem x100, SOA S Green Crystal.png x15 (initial clear)
  • 2-22 Tower: Tracked (司令塔発見?) - Story
  • 2-23 Thorny Discovery (司令塔停止?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.45) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Platinum Prism.png x1, SOA S Yellow Crystal.png x15, SOA Mission Ticket.png x5 (initial clear)
    • 2-32 Indication of Invasion (侵略の痕跡(1)?) - Requires SOA Barrier Blaster.png x1 - Battle (3 stages; lv.60) - SOA Yellow Amulet.png x1 (initial clear)
  • 2-24 Speculation (崩壊の理由?) - Story
  • 2-25 Ecological Inquest (生態系調査(1)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.46) - Gem x100, SOA L Red Crystal.png x3 (initial clear)
  • 2-26 Further Ecological Surveys (生態系調査(2)?) - Battle (2 stages; lv.47) - Gem x100, SOA Ra Platinum Prism.png x1, SOA L Blue Crystal.png x3 (initial clear)
  • 2-27 Ecological Enemies (生態系調査(3)?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.48) - Gem x100, SOA L Purple Crystal.png x3 (initial clear)
    • 2-33 A New Indication of Invasion (侵略の痕跡(2)?) - Requires SOA Barrier Blaster.png x1 - Battle (3 stages; lv.60) - SOA Thunder Sword.png x1 (initial clear)
  • 2-28 Enough on Ecology (生態系調査(4)?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.49) - Gem x100, SOA L Green Crystal.png x3 (initial clear)
  • 2-29 Disturbance in the Flora (異常繁殖の元凶?) - Story
  • 2-30 Dispatching the Disturbance (異常繁殖の元凶討伐?) - Battle (3 stages; lv.50) - Gem x100, link=Resolve Talisman I x1, SOA Ra Platinum Prism.png x3, SOA L Yellow Crystal.png x3, SOA Barrier Blaster.png x1 (initial clear)
  • 2-31 Who Is Responsible? (諸悪の根源?) - Story



  • Espèrance is a French noun that translates as "hope" in English.