My name is Ernest Raviede. In the States, I'm something of a well-known archeologist.
—Ernest Raviede
Ernest Raviede is an adventurous archaelogist from Tetragenesis. Although he realizes Opera is looking for him, exploring the ancient ruins of the universe is a higher priority. He is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.



Ernest Raviede in SD 366

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Star Ocean: Second Evolution

An adventurer and archaeologist from Tetragenesis, a planet in a galaxy far away from Expel. With a highly inquiring mind, he excavates ruins while chasing the historical facts. He sets off for Expel in search of ruins, but is saved by Claude and the others when he found himself in a tight situation.
—STAR OCEAN:Second Evolution Official Website.

The party first encounters Ernest at Krosse, where he is seen running down the streets. Nothing is made of it though, and the party simply resumes their business.

Later, an encounter with Opera Vectra, Ernest's girlfriend, makes Claude recall his encounter with the three-eyed man. They eventually team up with Opera to hunt down Ernest, who has been stranded on Expel. He was living in the Mountain Palace for a while.

Outside the Hoffman Ruins, the party finds Ernest, but he has been possessed by a ghost. The ghost attacks the party, but is defeated, freeing Ernest from its grasp. Opera is relieved to be reunited with him, and as the two start to leave, Claude asks if they would like to travel with his party. Ernest and Opera accept and join the party. During a few private actions, Rena asks why Ernest can't return Opera's feelings, and he replies that he doesn't even know his own feelings. This is proven as he can have romantic relationships with all of the female party members, and venture around with the male party members. Opera's sister Opal is also obsessed with him, and appears in his ending with Bowman.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Ernest SD 368 Combat

Ernest in combat in SD 368.

Immediately after the initial storyline, Opera and Ernest go off to explore uncharted planets and their ruins. Arriving on the planet Edifice, their ship is pulled into the planet's atmosphere and crash lands. Opera and Ernest immediantly send out an SOS signal to Precis back on Earth, but they decide to explore the area while they wait. Because of Ernest's love of archeology, and Opera wanting to be close to him, they wander off and are missing when Precis and their friends arrive on Edifice.


Ernest uses whips as weapons, allowing him to fight at virtually any range. His strongest whip, the Cat o' Ninetails, allows him to hit up to three times in a row, functioning similarly as the Slayer Ring. All his stats are below average, with no notable pros. Ernest can use medium-weighted armor.

All his Special Arts have low proficiency and MP usage, meaning they can be upgraded fast. However, none of them make him truly stand as a character, being often slow, with low priority, and lack of multi-hits. Because of this, he is often considered the worst character in the game.


Name Starting Gain
Level 25 NA
HP 1600 NA
MP 160 NA
STR 100 2-5
CON 47 1-2
DEX 60 2-3
INT 60 2-3
LUC 121 NA
STM 23 0
GUTS 45 0-1

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Attribute Damage Level Learned Rank Up Changes Base Effect
Dimensional Whip 5 NA 100%/1 hit Default 80+ uses, 3 increases Extra hit 384 Deliver attacks through a hyperspace portal that opens up behind the enemy.
Spiral Lash 7 NA 100% (3rd hit 150%)/3 hits Default 120+ uses, 1 increase Damage +50% (except 3rd hit) 576 Deliver attacks while rotating the whip.
Air Swing 7 NA 100%/1 hit 32 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit 576 Suspend the whip in midair and swing from it to deliver a powerful kick.
Thousand Tails 10 NA 100%/2 hits 41 120+ uses, 1 increase Extra hit Short: 256, Long: 400 Rapidly lash out with the whip to deliver several attacks to all enemies in the area.
Sandstorm 18 Support 100%/3 hits 49 100+ uses, 3 increase AVD +15 NA Lash the whip left and right to produce a sandstorm that blinds the enemy and increases one's agility.
Bed of Roses 17 NA 100%/2 hits 58 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 400, Long 768 Cause thorny whips to grow out of the ground and wrap around the enemy.
Thunder Whip 22 Wind 100%/2 hits 65 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 400, Long: 576 Charge the whip with the energy of a lightning bolt and then discharge that electricity at enemies.
Sonic Whip 25 NA 200%/1 hit 73 100+ uses, 2 increases Damage +50% Short: 400, Long: 768 Rapidly lash out with the whip to produce a sonic wave that cuts through the air.


  • In The Second Story, if all potential party members have been recruited at that point, and you recruit Ernest, you have to choose between Leon D.S. Gehste, Dias Flac, Chisato Madison, and Noel Chandler as your last recruit (Dias and Leon are only dependent on the character scenario).
  • To recruit Ernest, Opera Vectra must be in the party and must initiate certain Private Actions. Due that, he's the only character in the game that depends on another in order to be recruited.
  • If Ernest is turned down when he offers to join, Opera will leave the party. In order to have Opera join and not Ernest, Opera's ship in the Sacred Forest should not be found.
  • Ernest's favorite instrument is the Cembalo, and his his favorite foods are Hassaku Tea (in Second Story) and Bloody Driver (in Second Evolution).
  • Maria Traydor mentions Ernest by name, and discusses a theory he developed about symbology and technological development. This also makes him notable for being the only character from the previous two games to have his full name mentioned.
  • It's possible Ernest is loosely based on "Earnest Evans", a character from the self-titled game for 16-bit Sega consoles, created by Wolfteam (some staff of which founded Tri-Ace). The two share more than a few similarities, aside from the spelling of their names (エルネスト (Erunesuto) vs. アーネスト (Ānesuto) and personalities.
  • Ernest is the only character in Star Ocean 2 to not have one of his voices changed from the original game in the remake (barring Star Ocean EX), mainly due to Hiroki Touchi being a recurring voice actor for the Star Ocean series.


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere

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