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Celine Jules launching Energy Arrow to her enemy in Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

Energy Arrow is a symbol appeared in Star Ocean series.

It was first introduced in Star Ocean: The Second Story in Celine Jules' and Noel Chandler's move set. It was a Vacuum-elemental symbol in its original appearance. It appeared again as non-elemental symbol in its PSP remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

Once cast, a few pink to purple beams of light will scatter around a target and later home onto him/her. It can deal considerable amount of damage compared with Star Light which Celine learn a few levels after Energy Arrow.


Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution

  • Celine Jules will obtained this symbol when she leveled up to level 12. She need 17 MP to cast it.
  • Noel Chandler joins the party with Energy Arrow. He also needs 17 MP to execute the symbol.

Other Appearance

Star Ocean EX

Spell Combination

Energy Arrow can be combined with other spell. However, the damage dealt by Energy Arrow combination do not differ much compared with Energy Arrow launched as a single attack[1].

Possible combination for Energy Arrow:

  • Energy Arrow + Blood Sucker (Blood Scylla): Single target and deal little damage. Allows Noel to regain HP from Blood Sucker.
  • Energy Arrow + Eruption: Single enemy. Little damage to enemy. Considered as the 'best' Energy Arrow combination.
  • Energy Arrow + Star Light: Little damage to one enemy.
  • Energy Arrow + Tractor Beam: Little damage to one enemy.



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