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Edge Maverick

Edge Maverick (エッジ・マーベリック, Ejji Māberikku?) is the captain of the SRF-003 Calnus, and the main protagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. At first glance,Edge is a stereotypical hero, with blonde hair, strong beliefs and uses a sword in battle.

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Edge Maverick (The Last Hope)
Ever since accompanying his father on an expedition across the wastelands of post-World War III Earth when he was a young boy, Edge has dreamed of traveling across space and finding his own planetary paradise. To realize this dream, he underwent special training at the rigorous USTA Academy and was selected for the inaugural SRF team, a position he had dreamed of attaining for years. A responsible man with a deep-seated sense of right and wrong, Edge often hastily springs into action due to his straight-shooter personality, leading others to brand him as reckless. Perhaps this is one reason why his childhood friend Reimi is always lecturing him. His SRF spacesuit is sleeveless because he apparently volunteered to test a new, heavily-armored prototype; he removes its special arm guard for indoor work to make it easier to move around.
Edge is one of the Seeds of Hope, born with enhanced genes based on Muan DNA. He himself was unaware of this fact until Reimi revealed the truth, but the news didn't seem to surprise him- if anything, it made him happy. His abilities include instantaneous analytical perception (the likely reason why he tends to shoot first and ask questions later), resistance to the effects of harsh environments, and the ability to use symbology. His skill with a sword and ineptitude with guns is due in large part to his special gifts; because of the time lag involved with aiming at and striking a target, his instantaneous perception often leads to accidental misjudgment. This, combined with a traumatic experience he had as a child may explain why he instinctively believes that guns don't hit their targets. The crest that appears on the back of his hand is a sign that his unique DNA powers have activated; oftentimes it is a direct response to an emotional situation, though it appears he is unable to control his "awakening" at will. Always striving to blaze his own trail as he presses forward in life, Edge deals with each situation with a positive outlook. In fact, his special DNA may be the very catalyst that has been compelling him to face his curel destiny since the moment he was born.
Edge Maverick (Anamnesis)

Birthplace: Earth
Birthday: July 30th, 2076 A.D.
A man who played a integral role in fighting the Grigori—a group of mysterious beings destroying the universe—during the 10s (S.D.).
Here, where people from underdeveloped planets worship advanced civilizations but do not fully understand the technology at their disposal, devastation prevails. Through his planetary voyages Edge meets many people and has experiences that inspire him to push for more action to be taken to protect underdeveloped planets.
However, as per their request, Edge and his friends did not go down in history books for their work regarding this.

Birthplace: Earth
Birthday: July 30th, 2076 A.D.
A man who played a huge part in the battle during the 10s (S.D.) to destroy the Grigori, mysterious beings that bring about abnormal mutations in evolution.
After the formation of the Terran Alliance, he was appointed as captain of the Logistics Department's solar system transport ship by Commander Kenny.
Having failed to use a gun to protect his father from a ferocious beast when he was a child, he developed a dislike of firearms.




Edge was born in the aftermath of World War III to the scientist Arnold Maverick and his wife. Four years before Edge's birth, his father found a ancient Muah sarcophagus while on an environmental research operation. DNA samples from the sarcophagus revealed a lost genome, which Dr. Saionji and his group discovered had the potential to help them produce individuals highly resistant and adaptable to harsh environments.

Due to humanity facing likely extinction after the Earth was devastated, the government authorized Project Hope to be carried out through the cooperation of Dr. Maverick, Dr. Saionji, and the Almedio conglomerate. Edge was one of the project's subjects, experimented upon before his birth. Edge's enhanced genes with Muah DNA gave him instantaneous analytical perception, resistance to the effects of harsh environments, and the ability to use symbology. However, Edge grew up unaware of being one of the "Seeds of Hope" (and one of three survivors, the others being Reimi Saionji and Crowe F. Almedio) and led a normal life.

In 2082 A.D., at age 6, Edge accompanied his father on an expedition across the wastelands of post-World War III Earth which inspired in Edge a dream of traveling across the star ocean and finding his own planetary paradise. The expedition ended in tragedy as Dr. Maverick was attacked by an experimental bio-enhanced fighter that escaped from a military facility. Edge attempted to protect his father, but Dr. Maverick later die from his injuries.

In spite of his father's death, Edge's dream firmly remained. In order to achieve it, Edge underwent special training at the rigorous Universal Science and Technology Administration Academy and its Space Reconnaissance Force secret program. Alongside him were Reimi and Crowe, who also studied at the Academy and with whom Edge became good friends.

Stellar travels

Edge finally gets a position he has dreamed of attaining for years, and is selected for the inaugural SRF team. He is assigned to the SRF-003 Calnus, alongside Reimi. Crowe, for his part, is made captain of the SRF-001 Aquila.

At the beginning of the game, Edge is at the crew quarters where he uses the Battle Simulator for a bit of pre-mission training. He then goes to the bridge for the launch sequence. The journey goes awry and the Calnus is forced to crash land on the planet Aeos, being the third ship to land on the planet, after the Balena and Dentdelion. As fate has it, previously unnoticed hostile life-forms on Aeos attack the crew, and Edge is the only one not seriously injured. The captain of The Calnus, Grafton, tells Edge to find the other SRF ships. Reimi joins him and proves her strength with a bow. As the two explore Aeos, they find an SRF ship that has been absolutely destroyed. A dying soldier tells Edge that the former crew found a meteorite fragment and bought it aboard. The soldier killed his own crew, fearing the meteorites power. Edge is angered by the Soldier's words but Reimi tells him to rest in peace.

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Having long dreamed of traveling the star ocean, Edge has a deep-seated sense of right and wrong, and often hastily springs into action due to his honest and straight-shooter personality, leading others to brand him as reckless—especially by Reimi, who often lectures him because of this. A downside of his righteous disposition is how much responsibility he takes for his actions. When he inadvertently sets the events in motion that cause the destruction of the alternate Earth, he blames himself fully for the event, leaving him in a deep state of depression. However, it begins to lift when Reimi is stricken with stone sickness during the party's time on Roak and finally ends completely when Sarah is rescued from Purgatorium.

His father's unbending belief in his convictions had a major impact on Edge and, normally, Edge deals with each situation he faces with a positive outlook. Due to his inability to use guns—a product of both trauma and his genetic powers—, Edge instinctively believes that guns don't hit their targets.

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Edge is the initial playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. A sword-type user, he is well-rounded melee unit who learns both special arts and symbology; although in the latter field he is not as effective as Lymle, Myuria or Sarah, he can provide some support whenever needed. He is responsible for progression in the Smithery specialty in the Item Creation process. His initial Field Skill is Sprinting, which allows him to run faster on the field for a limited distance.

Edge also appears as a playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. He currently has three variants: "Edge", "Official Edge", and "Summer Edge".

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The Last Hope
Material Trader


  • Edge's "Rising Blade" bears a remarkable resemblance to Claude C. Kenny's "Mirror Blade."
  • Official Edge's talent, Moore's Awakening, has a mispelling. It should be "Muah's Awakening" given Edge's abilities as a Project Hope subject.

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