I can't just leave our people alone out there!
—Edge Maverick

Edge Maverick (エッジ・マーベリック, Ejji Māberikku?) is the captain of the SRF-003 Calnus, and the main protagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Edge is a stereotypical hero, with blonde hair, strong beliefs and uses a sword in battle.


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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Ever since accompanying his father on an expedition across the wastelands of post-World War III Earth when he was a young boy, Edge has dreamed of traveling across space and finding his own planetary paradise. To realize this dream, he underwent special training at the rigorous USTA Academy and was selected for the inaugural SRF team, a position he had dreamed of attaining for years.

A responsible man with a deep-seated sense of right and wrong, Edge often hastily springs into action due to his straight-shooter personality, leading others to brand him as reckless. Perhaps this is one reason why his childhood friend Reimi Saionji is always lecturing him. A downside of his sense of his right and wrong is how much responsibility he takes for his actions. When he inadvertently sets the events in motion that cause the destruction of the alternate Earth, he blames himself fully for the event, leaving him in a deep state of depression. However, it begins to lift when Reimi is stricken with stone sickness during the party's time on Roak and finally ends completely when Sarah is rescued from the Purgatorium. His SRF spacesuit is sleeveless because he apparently volunteered to test a new, heavily-armored prototype; he removes its special arm guard for indoor work to make it easier to move around.

Edge becomes the captain of the SRF-003 Calnus after being the only one not seriously injured by previously unnoticed hostile life-forms after it's crash landing on Aeos. He is one of the 3 survivors of Project Hope, the other two being Reimi and Crowe F. Almedio.

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Edge specializes in sword skills, but also possesses basic healing and light magic. His high strength, defense and HP make him ideal for the front lines, and his supportive symbols, while nowhere near Lymle, Myuria or Sarah's, can get the party out of some difficult situations. His Symbolic Weapon spell can effectively give the party unlimited MP.

Edge is also proficient in the Smithery skill, which allows him to create new weapons and armor for his crew at Item Creation.

Special Arts

Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Rising Blade 10 ATK x260%-350% 8-12 2 Level 1 Attack with four rapid strikes, then launch the enemy skyward with a final rising thrust.
Stampede Slash 10 ATK x312%-436% 12-18 3 Level 10 Make a beeline for the enemy, slashing along the way.
Aura Spark 10 ATK x330%-380% 14-21 3 Level 23 Unleash a wave of focused energy with a downward swipe of the sword.
Mystic Cross 10 ATK x433%-766% 16-25 4 Level 39 Kick the enemy in the air, then jump up to run them through.
Cyclone Blade 10 ATK x300%-525% 16-25 4 Level 54 Spin upward with the sword, slashing the enemy repeatedly.
Celestial Sword 10 ATK x400%-490% 18-27 5 Level 63 Spin jump to generate a huge energy sword, then strike the enemy three times.
Raging Strike 10 ATK x550%-650% 18-27 5 Level 80 Jump high into the air, then drive a high-speed kick downward onto the enemy.
Scintillant Stream 10 ATK x816%-1120% 20-29 5 Skill Manual Summon a sword of light on the left hand, then slash away fiercely with both swords.


Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Healing 10 NA 6 NA Obtained after first entering the Alanaire Citadel HP recovery symbol; recovers 31% of one ally's maximum HP at level 1. The HP healed increases to 40% at level 10.
Silence 10 NA 22 NA Level 17 Support symbol; Places nearby enemies in Silence status, preventing then from using symbols. At higher skill levels, the chance of success increases.
Cure Condition 1 NA 8 NA Level 30 Curative symbol; Purifies one ally of all status ailments.
Symbolic Weapon 10 NA 17 NA Level 46 Support symbol; Allows one ally to absorb MP from the enemy with each attack. At higher skill levels, the effect duration increases.
Radiant Lancer 10 INT x169%-301% 5-14 2 Level 57 Light-elemental attack symbol; Rains four spears of light down upon the enemy. At level 10, seven spears rain down instead of four.
Aurora Rings 10 INT x156%-260% 7-16 4 Level 70 Light-elemental attack symbol; Erects three pillars of light, damaging any enemy that touches them. At level 10, six pillars are erected instead of three.
Faerie Star 10 NA 50 NA Skill Manual HP recovery symbol; Summons a faerie to recover 81% of all allies' maximum HP, and increases to 90% at level 10.


  • Workman's Blade
  • Storm Blade
  • Blessed Sword
  • Flame Sword
  • Cardianon Sword
  • Silvance
  • Venom Sword
  • Bastard Sword
  • Icecrusher Sword
  • Famed Sword 'Veinslay'
  • Mithril Sword
  • Observer's Sword
  • Arcana Sword
  • Holy Sword 'Farewell'
  • Lightning Sword
  • Moonstone Sword
  • Demon Sword 'Levantine'
  • Imperial Sword
  • Binding Sword

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Edge maverick icon Edge SOA Defender

Information One-handed Sword - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Longing for the ocean of stars ATK +20% (All Allies)
Pioneer Spirit Damage to single target +15% (All Allies)
Young Captain HP +40% (All Allies)
Oath made with friend Will not flinch to damage under 20% Max HP (All Allies)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Mystic Cross Nova ATK x 3,500% 12
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Smackdown 17 ATK x 180% 5
Aura Spark 14 ATK x 160% 2
Cyclone Blade 29 ATK x 310% 5
Raging Strike 40 ATK x 650% 1
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 20,370
ATK 2,508
INT 1,537
DEF 2,560
HIT 812
GRD 1,036

Federation edge maverick icon Federation Edge SOA Shooter

Information Gun - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Awakening on Muah Damage +30% (All Allies) / Aggro +1 (Self)
Dawn of Earth Federation Damage +45% when HP is 100% (All Allies)
Reckless Captain Damage taken -15% (All Allies) / Will not flinch to attacks under 10% Max HP (All Allies)
Determined Resolve HP +30% (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Judgment Shoot ATK Damage +40% (All Allies 20 seconds) ATK x 3,500% 11
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Heavenly Flight 35 ATK x 460% 4
Aiming Device 20 ATK x 200% 1
Shockwave 21 ATK x 210% 7
Falling Dragon (Lightning Element) 29 ATK x 350% 9
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 18,428
ATK 2,508
INT 1,537
DEF 1,773
HIT 1,232
GRD 931

Family Tree

Edge Tree


The Last Hope
Material Trader


  • Edge's "Rising Blade" bears a remarkable resemblance to Claude C. Kenny's "Mirror Blade."