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Dorne Murtough

Dorne Murtough (ドーン・マルトー, Dōn Marutō?, lit. Dorn Marto) is a major character of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake Star Ocean: First Departure. He is Roddick Farrence and Millie Chliette's childhood friend, hailing from the same village.


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Dorne is a Fellpool from the village of Kratus, on the Muah Kingdom. He is a best friend of Roddick and Millie since childhood, and defends the village along with them in the Kratus Brigade. As time passed by, he started to develop feelings for Millie, and jealousy of Roddick, as he has the idea that something is going on between the two.

During the events of the game, Dorne is infected by the petrifying virus of Coule, and along with Roddick and Millie, he heads for Mt. Metorx in search for Metorx Herbs, so as to cure the village of the disease. Upon reaching the summit, the three find the Earthlings Ronyx and Ilia, who offer to help curing Dorne and the population of Roak.

Onboard the Calnus, Dorne is diagnosed and investigated, helping in the analysis of the virus. Finding that he has little time before being petrified, Dorne asks to be laid on his own bed to die.

He is seen again after Roddick returns to Roak with the serum for the disease and heals Dorne.

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Dorne is quite jovial, but he also possesses strong conviction and a keen eye for observation. He secretly has feelings for Millie, but this also means that he has a deeper awareness of what's in her heart.


In Star Ocean and Star Ocean: First Departure, Dorne is one of three initial playable characters and is able to equip swords. However, he will leave the party after the events in Mt. Metorx and cannot be recruited again, being only a temporary party member. He learns no Special Arts or talents. His movement speed is classified as fast (★★★☆).

He comes equipped with a Longsword, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield, and Leather Greaves.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Dorne is a playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


Star Ocean/First Departure
Material Trader


  • Dorne holds the distinction of being the only truly temporary playable character in the series. In most other cases, characters can rejoin if the player wishes so, and Mavelle Froesson herself can remain in the party indefinitely if the player doesn't visit a special room at the Old Race Ruins.
  • In First Departure, Dorne's field sprites and animations are based off of Bowman Jeane's from Second Evolution.

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