The following is a list of all dictionary entries about individuals in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


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Admiral Hermes (People)

A space fleet admiral of the Pangalactic Federation who attained his current position by continuously and reliably performing all missions assigned to him rather than by any standout natural ability. Hermes is an average admiral, and doesn't fair particularly well or poorly when compared to previous space fleet admirals.
Nevertheless, Admiral Hermes is fated to be remembered by history for his role in the struggle against the Executioners--even if that role ends up being the last admiral of the Pangalactic Federation.

Adray Lasbard (People)

Although not as active as before, he used to be part of the Crimson Blade. Together with Nevelle Zelpher, he supported the growth and prosperity of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
He conquered the colossal shark 'Nikson,' using on his bare hands.
He soared into the sky, to fight intensely with the Dragon Brigade.
Covered in glowing light, he would appear in the western sky only to disappear, zigzagging his way to the other end of the skies.
It would take ages to tell all that is rumored about him.
Although he has great knowledge and makes good use of symbology, he hates deskwork, as he has a hard time sitting still.
Knowing this, people around him never make him do that kind of work.
By the way...
Although a lot of people find it hard to believe, he really IS the biological father of Clair Lasbard.

Aire Duxis (People)

An employee of Sphere and member of the Eternal Sphere development team, Aire manages the Eternal Sphere's various parameters among other tasks.

Airyglyph I (People)

He gambled his life by climbing the Dragon Road, and became the first person to ever succeed in completing the Accession of the Flame ceremony.
After this success, Airyglyph I formed a covenant with the air dragons, drove out all of the monsters that lived in the area, and built the Kingdom of Airyglyph 289 years ago.

Airyglyph XIII (People)

The young militaristic king who rules the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
The Kingdom of Airyglyph was formerly poor, never possessing a powerful military in comparison to its three neighbors on the continent of Gaitt. But thanks to the uncompromising merit-based system of the current king, Airyglyph XIII, the knight brigades, which used to be nothing more than clubs for the nobles to fraternize in, have been rebuilt into formidable military units.
The reformation spearheaded by Airyglyph XIII has led to the Kingdom of Airyglyph possessing enough force to overwhelm the other three kingdoms, all in a brief period of time.
For this naturally ambitious king, the invasion of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria is merely the first step in the path to the complete unification of the continent of Gaitt through conquest, if you believe the rumors.

Airyglyph XIII (Part 2) (People)

Airyglyph XIII was originally born to a relatively minor family within Airyglyph, and was as far away from the throne as twelfth in line.
However, as the result of many plots and multiple accidents, as well as a number of coincidences, he eventually attained the crown.
The biggest mistake of those who lifted Airyglyph XIII to the throne was that they underestimated his latent ambition and resourcefulness.
The first royal decrees issued by Airyglyph XIII after his ascension to the throne called for the banishment of those nobles who had promoted his rise, and the appointment of those who had been languishing in obscure posts.
Of course, those nobles who realized what was happening fought back with all their might, but Airyglyph XIII had already made meticulous preparations before the coronation, so it was already too late.
When he was still young, and before he considered becoming king, Airyglyph XIII studied abroad in Aquios, where it is said he fell in love with a certain woman. When the possibility of attaining the crown arose, however, they say this led to the breakup of the relationship.

Albel Nox (People)

The captain of the Black Brigade, one of the three military forces of the Kingdom of Airyglyph. His nickname is Albel the Wicked.
He is an excellent combatant specializing in the katana, a special kind of sword, and in one-on-one combat, he is said to possess skills comparable to Duke Vox, the captain of the Dragon Brigade.

Albel Nox (Part 2) (People)

During Albel's Accession of the Flame ceremony, which occurred when he was fifteen years old, he failed to take his place among the knights of the Dragon Brigade when he was unable to release his own individual feelings and commune with the spirit of the air dragon.
He should have died for his hubris as the dragons breathed their fury upon him, but his father Glou Nox shielded him with his own body and bore the brunt of the flames, saving his life (although Albel did lose his left arm in this incident).

Albel the Wicked (Nickname)

See Albel Nox.

Ameena Leffeld (People)

A somewhat sickly girl who lives in Peterny.
Ameena resembles the missing Sophia very closely, and if her coloring were a little healthier, she would most likely be almost indistinguishable from Fayt's childhood friend.
Having lost all of her relatives in the long war, she now supports herself from day to day by selling the flowers that she used to grow as a hobby.
Ameena is one of the unfortunate victims of the war between Airyglyph and Aquaria.

Ansala (People)

Although retired at present, Ansala used to be the best or second best practitioner of runology in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
This lonely man poured too much of himself into his work to ever marry, and in spite of the fact that he has already retired, he can still be seen wandering the halls of Castle Aquaria, alternately gladdening and annoying the inhabitants thereof.
Ansala's skills are unquestioned, and his record is excellent, making him a difficult individual for the current runologists to simply brush off.

Aqua (People)

A beautiful girl with one of the most hopelessly doting fathers in the world, a man named Evia.
Aqua may look as lovely as a doll, but her words pack a powerful bite.
Of course, if you ask her father Evia, Aqua's questionable word choice is just one more aspect of her overwhelming cuteness.

Aquaria I (People)

The first queen of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, now thought by many to be the precursor to the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
She was also the first Holy Mother.
Aquaria I is said to have received six runes and one magic sword from the Emissary of Apris, messenger of the goddess Apris. Her eyes were also opened to the flows of runology.

Aquaria XXVII (People)

The queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, as well as the Holy Mother of the Church of Apris, the most widespread religion on the continent of Gaitt.
Aquaria XXVII reigns over the entire populace of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria with her overwhelming charisma and powerful spiritual awareness.
Although queens are central figures in the royal dynasty, only rarely do they possess a runological force as powerful as that of Aquaria XXVII.
In the long history of Aquaria, only three queens have also simultaneously held the post of Holy Mother: Sirvia I, the Queen of Freedom, from ten generations ago, Aquaria XXIV, the Queen of Light, from four generations ago, and Aquaria XXVII.

Arzei Bohnleid (People)

The name Airyglyph XIII went by before ascending the throne.
See Airyglyph XIII.

Astor Wolfricht (People)

An officer of the Secret Legion, the special unit led by Nel Zelpher of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
Astor is fairly high in the ranks of the Secret Legion, and possesses above average skills in leadership, combat prowess, and politics, as well as considerable charisma. The combined antics of Tynave and Farleen have been a constant source of headaches for Astor, however, leaving him a bit glum.

Azazer (People)

Head of security for Sphere, the de facto power in charge of the Lost City.
Arrogant and drunk on his own power, Azazer is not very popular.

Aznor S. T. Huxley (People)

The mayor of the group of humanoids who live above the Lost City of Surferio.
Aznor is extremely bad at remembering faces, and can only match names to faces for those who are in his immediate circle.
(How did this guy get to be the mayor, anyway?)
Of course, he is blissfully unaware of this failing.


Balbados (People)

An old man of the Menodix race, members of which primarily reside in the vicinity of Surferio.
Although Balbados had the courage to make a go of it in a foreign land, and put his best efforts into running a business in a human town, he has failed to achieve his dreams and currently ekes out a meager existence. Balbados makes a living day to day on crowded thoroughfares by selling silver items that he creates with his naturally dexterous hands.

Belzeber (People)

One of the top managers of Sphere, the real power in the Lost City. Belzeber is the son of the previous owner and founder of Sphere.
He comes from a wealthy family, and doesn't even care about Sphere or the Eternal Sphere. His primary motivation is deep hatred of the current owner for having usurped what he saw as rightfully his, so he is plotting the owner's downfall.

Berial (People)

One of the top managers of Sphere, the real power in the Lost City. Berial is also the general director of the Eternal Sphere project.
Berial sometimes directly interferes in the Eternal Sphere in order to prevent stagnation of the game universe.
According to reports, he has created characters with powerful parameters, switched the homelands of certain people, and removed bugs in a certain time control loop program.

Biwig (People)

One of the commanders of the Vendeeni forces engaged in conflict with the Pangalactic Federation's military in Federation space. Led the battleship Dasvanu to many victorious battles.
Biwig's string of victories came to an end, however, when he entered battle against Commodore Wittcomb, leader of the strongest military unit in the Pangalactic Federation.

Blair Lansfeld (People)

A friend of the boy Flad and supposed expert on the Eternal Sphere.

Blair Lansfeld (Part 2) (People)

An engineer employed by Sphere, the de facto authority in the Lost City. Blair is in charge of developing and maintaining the Milky Way part of the Eternal Sphere, as the current head of the "Apris" project team.
She became team leader at a young age after the three previous project managers quit one after the other.

Boyd (People)

A male Demonoid, which is a cross between a human and a demon. Boyd possesses the brute strength and symbological powers of a demon, as well as the flexibility and stability of a human soul. But in spite of these advantages Boyd needs to work for a living, just as everyone else does.

Brigadier General Schilling (People)

A man who plotted the assassination of Cliff while he was still Quark's leader. He planned this in order to wipe out the organization, which he saw as a nuisance to the Federation.
This extremely self-centered man considered his own actions to be absolutely correct and beyond reproach. Commanding the Battleship Invisible, Schilling almost succeeded in assassinating Cliff, but due to an extraordinary twist of fate, Maria, who was also onboard the Diplo at the time, used her powers to literally delete the Invisible from this universe.
Of course, even if Schilling had succeeded in this assassination attempt, rather than a triumphant hero's welcome, a military tribunal and the death penalty were all that awaited his return.


Chilico (People)

A Bubbleheart woman who left her homeland in the Sanmite Republic in order to find work.
Chilico may be cute and tiny, but that is simply a racial characteristic. She's actually quite old.
And quite married.

Clair Lasbard (People)

The captain of the runological corps that reports directly to Aquaria XXVII, and long-time friend of Nel.
Clair also currently serves as commander of the Aquarian army position near Arias.
Clair and Nel are together known as the double-edged Crimson Blade and are charged with doing the dirty work for Aquaria XXVII, also known as the Holy Mother. The two are famous in surrounding lands.

Cliff Fittir (People)

A Klausian from Klaus III.
A member of the anti-Federation organization Quark, which was founded by Klausians, Cliff rescued Fayt for an unknown reason.
He still hasn't explained how he found Fayt, or even why he was looking for him in the first place.

Cliff Fittir (Part 2) (People)

Although he relinquished the post to Maria, Cliff used to be the leader of the anti-Federation organization, Quark, and is also the organization's founder.
Considering that he organized Quark, Cliff must be quite intelligent and charismatic, but at first glance, he only looks like a thug.

Clive Esteed (People)

Sophia's father, a human born on Earth.
The leader in space-time theory, Dr. Esteed specializes in research into the 4D wall that one encounters when using symbology to transport through space, as well as research into the space-time disturbances that occur when you attempt to pass through this 4D wall.

Commodore Wittcomb (People)

Commander-in-Chief of the Federation forces near Vendeeni space.
As a heroic veteran of countless victories against the Aldian Empire, Commodore Wittcomb is well-respected by officers and soldiers alike, and has the reputation for possessing the best analytical skills and judgment in the Federation.
Commodore Wittcomb's flagship is the Battleship Aquaelie.

Cornelius (People)

A mysterious individual who, although he appears to be human at first glance, most definitely is not.
Although his speech, actions, and other characteristics mark him as a humanoid, Cornelius resembles no race living anywhere else in the continent of Gaitt.
One must wonder what use Cornelius might find for his trademark dilapidated bat umbrella.
One thing is certain--he can't be using it to keep the rain off his head.

Count Mattalun (People)

A mysterious ghost haunting the area underneath the Ancient Ruins of Mosel.
As a nobleman of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, it is unknown why he haunts such an odd location (Spite? Obsession? Or did he simply lose a bet?). He himself may not even remember the reason.

Count Noppen (People)

A member of the nobility of the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
Although it is unknown how this gentlemen managed to survive the revolution of Airyglyph XIII, he does retain his nobility.
Perhaps the Count has some skill in the arts, or perhaps he is a preeminent warrior, or scholar.
It is also possible that the king kept him around simply because he's an amusing old chap.

Count Woltar (People)

The captain of the Storm Brigade and the lord of Kirlsa, Woltar is a loyal man who has served Airyglyph XIII longer than anyone else.
He supported Airyglyph XIII's reformation along with Albel's father, Glou Nox.

Count Woltar (Part 2) (People)

The man who took the life of Nevelle Zelpher, the father of Nel, and the previous leader of the Crimson Blade.
Woltar knew that Nevelle's true objective was to buy time for his own people to escape, and that he was already prepared to die to meet this objective.
When one considers Woltar's skill with a blade, it is evident that Woltar could have captured the exhausted man without taking his life.
However, even if Nevelle was to be captured, there is no doubt that all that awaited him was torture most cruel. This man, as a spy, would not be allowed to simply die. Woltar paid his deepest respect to this man, who faced his own death with a steady and unflinching gaze.

Crestia Dyne (People)

The real name of Sirvia I, Queen of Freedom.
See Sirvia I.

Crosell (Dragon Name)

A seven hundred year old air dragon who lives in the Urssa Lava Caves, and who is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Air Dragons.
Actually, several members of the Dragon Brigade have attempted to perform the Accession of the Flame with Crosell, but in every case, the challenger has been found lacking.


Damda Mooda (People)

A sybarite who is more than meets the eye.
While chopping wood in the mountains with his buddies, Damda learned a method of cooking that he decided to make his own, referring to it by the absurd name of Damda Casserole. He then started his own restaurant in an attempt to sell this cuisine, failed miserably, and went bankrupt in the blink of an eye.
Perhaps the tragic end to Damda's story should come as no surprise. Anyone can bang together a casserole out of vegetables, mushrooms, and whatever flavorings are at hand.

Dejison (People)

An elderly scholar who was permanently sidetracked after becoming enamored with the intricate workings of the Mechanized Corps, while conducting research in the city of Surferio.
This troubled individual, who likes to refer to himself as "Dejison, the Invention King", has applied for patents to countless useless inventions, which he derives by following a feckless and scattergun approach to inventing.

Demetrio (People)

A soldier in the Dragon Brigade, serving under Vox.
Although Demetrio comes from a respectable house and possesses a reasonable level of military prowess and knowledge, eh excels in no particular area.
He earned his position as second-in-command of the Dragon Brigade through an unswerving loyalty to Vox, rather than due to any suitability for the job.
Demetrio managed to attain his current post through a calculating veneer of tractability, more than anything else.

Demetrio (Part 2) (People)

Most of Demetrio's missions involved doing dirty work for Vox, including killing non-combatants and eliminating prisoners who know too much.
He probably did these things to further his own career, or to save his own neck, but unfortunately for him, fate decreed that he would be nothing more than a lapdog for Vox until the very end.

Dion Landers (People)

The young assistant of Elena Frahm, head of the Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
Unlike his boss Elena, Dion is a dependable and hard-working person, and is highly skilled at applying existing technology in order to build things.
On the other hand, Dion lacks creativity, and suffers from an inability to do more than build according to preexisting models.

Dirna Hamilton (People)

An assistant programmer working on the Eternal Sphere development team at Sphere, responsible for effect processing in battles and other situations.
Has a rocky love relationship with Solon, who also works at Sphere.

Dribe (People)

A humanoid living in Surferio, Dribe has no particularly notable skills, but has a highly simplistic and predictable directness when it comes to his likes and dislikes.
He is somewhat of a coward, and is afraid of the dark.

Duke Vox (People)

The uncle of Airyglyph XIII, the current King of Airyglyph, as well as the captain of the Dragon Brigade, Airyglyph's aerial assault unit.
Having survived Airyglyph XIII's major reformation, Vox certainly possesses considerable skills, but since he disdains the pride and honor of knights, and will do absolutely anything to win, he does not get along very well with people who put the pride of a warrior first, such as the captain of the Storm Brigade.
Incidentally, Vox does not get along with Albel (the captain of the Black Brigade) either, but this seems to be simply a case of two strong personalities butting heads.

Dulcinea Rossetti (People)

Wife of Piccolotto, the Rossetti Troupe's chief, and troupe diva (ex-diva?).
Dulcinea was a close childhood friend of Elayne, the mother of Peppita.
When Elayne met an untimely death, Dulcinea took the orphaned Peppita in without giving the matter a second though, and raised her as her own daughter.
One could say she showered Peppita with more affection than she would have had the girl been her real daughter. She may have a nasty way with words, but Dulcinea is actually a kind, open-minded woman with an all-encompassing personality.


Edyglyph (People)

The last queen of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, this woman was also the mother of Airyglyph I, who founded the Kingdom of Airyglyph.

Elayne Rossetti (People)

A beautiful Velbaysian dancing woman who supported the Rossetti Troupe when it was first formed.
After founding the Rossetti Troupe with Piccolotto and Dulcinea, Elayne contributed immensely to the Troupe's growth.
Elayne later fell in love with a certain person and gave birth to Peppita, but unfortunately the child's father left her out of the fear of being caught up in a scandal involving the traveling circus.
Afterwards, Elayne raised Peppita alone, but lost her life in an accident one month before her daughter's fifth birthday.

Eleanor Duran (People)

An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal Sphere, Eleanor mainly programmed physics calculation routines used in armed conflict.
During the development of the Eternal Sphere, this strong woman had a conflict with Daguon Zeber, the previous owner of Sphere. After Daguon attempted to destroy her using various underhanded methods, Eleanor took him to court and won a lawsuit against him.

Elena Frahm (People)

The woman in charge of the Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
Elena is carefree and careless, and people say that without her assistant Dion, she wouldn't even be able to handle her own day-to-day tasks, let alone manage the entire facility.
On the other hand, she is also without doubt an ingenious runologist with many novel, inspired ideas.
Elena's knowledge may be strangely uneven, but in the areas where she is proficient, she exhibits genius that is second to none.
As a larger-than-life woman with no interest whatsoever in the positions and titles people hold, Elena has been known to refer to Airyglyph XIII, the king of the Kingdom of Airyglyph himself, as "Arzy", in spite of his lofty position on the continent of Gaitt.

Eliza (People)

A young girl living in the town of Aquios who is quite fond of her studies.
Eliza had dreamt of someday studying runology at Castle Aquaria, until the loss of both her parents in the war forced her to give it up. Her brother was too young to live on his own, and she couldn't bear to leave him. However, even though Eliza gave up on studying under a mentor, she still continues to study runology on her own.

Evia (People)

A long-haired man of refined tastes who used to work in Castle Aquaria several years back.
Worried about leaving his daughter Aqua at home by herself all day, Evia repeatedly skipped work or went home early. The problem grew so severe that he was eventually fired, in spite of his high status within the castle.
But rather than regretting this turn of events, Evia was actually pleased to have more time to spend with his daughter.


Farleen (People)

An enlisted member of the Secret Legion unit of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
Farleen is always under a great deal of strain, as she works directly for Nel, the leader of the Secret Legion.
Her easy-going personality belies superb political judgment and unsurpassed leadership skills.
This is not to say that those around her believe and act upon what she says.

Fayt Leingod (People)

An ordinary human student born on Earth who is studying in the Symbological Sciences Department of Bachtein Science University.
Fayt enjoys physical activity more than studying, and was given an award for his performance at the Universal Basketball competition.
Both of his parents worked and were almost never home from the time he was an infant, but this did not leave any particular emotional scars, and he grew up normally. Undoubtedly, his childhood friend Sophia had a soothing effect on his personality.
Fayt himself also seems aware of this fact.

Fayt Leingod (Part 2) (People)

In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of the 4D beings, Fayt's parents and their fellow researcher Dr. Clive Esteed gave Fayt the power of Destruction.
Things have sure changed since that vacation on Hyda IV.

Flad Garrand (People)

A boy living in the town of Arkives in 4D space.
This devoted game fanatic is completely addicted to the multiplayer game Eternal Sphere, which was developed by Sphere.
Incidentally, Flad's character Major Alex is a noted flying ace who shot down a total of 574 combat ships in the third Tetragenesis War.
The time he must have spent to achieve this may explain why his mother is constantly telling him to stop playing games and study.

Folstar Rood (People)

An ex-programmer who used to work on the Eternal Sphere development team at Sphere.
Folstar's work was of unacceptable quality, he failed to meet deadlines, and he was irresponsible. He thought that all he had to do was show up and spend eight hours a day at the company. Unsurprisingly, the areas he programmed were always full of major bugs. As a result, he was fired almost immediately.
Folstar himself still believes to this day that he was the victim of a power struggle at the company.

Forte G. Huxley (People)

A Menodix woman living in Surferio. One of many who fit the mold of a strong-willed woman who loves to cook. Forte may be one of the people with the fewest worries of anyone in this universe.


Gant Basner XIII (People)

A man whose old and honorable family has presided over the Bunny Race for generations.
Unfortunately, people have been grumbling behind closed doors--no, even quite openly--about his skills as an MC, with complaints such as "what sloppy hosting," "let's hear some commentary," and "what a boring speaker!" This has tarnished the good name of the Basner family. It's difficult to say whether or not Gant's ancestors did any better of a job. His horrible commentary skills just might run in the family.

Glou Nox (People)

The father of Albel Nox, captain of the Black Brigade, and the previous captain of the Dragon Brigade.
Wielding the Sword of the Crimson Scourge, a royal treasure, this man supported the reformation of Airyglyph XIII.
Tragically, Glou Nox sacrificed his life to spare his son during Albel's failed Accession of the Flame ceremony, burning to death in the dragons' fiery breath.

Gonnella (Stage Name)

A Velbaysian harlequin and member of the Rossetti Troupe, Gonnella is the most dexterous member of the troupe, as well as the member who knows the most tricks.
However, due to his frivolous and irresponsible nature, he never seems interested in any responsibility greater than a warm-up act, despite his knowledge and natural ability.

Gossam (People)

While Gossam is actually a rather skilled doctor, he sends all of his patients home with medicine, no matter how seriously ill they may be.
The only reason no one has yet filed a complaint against Gossam is that the medicine he prescribes actually does a miraculous job of curing his patients.

Grats (People)

A master swordsman who wielded his sword on battlefields long before Fayt was born.
Having been forced to retire from the regular army, this lifelong warrior fought on as a mercenary until requests for his services dried up, he then continued fighting anyway as a volunteer soldier.
Unfortunately, by the time the latest war began, Grats exceeded the age restrictions of every unit, and was finally forced to retire completely.
Regardless, Grats still wants to fight, and wanders aimlessly around the outskirts of the town of Kirlsa, looking for any trouble he can find.

Gregory von Dermein III (People)

An honorable man that has earned numerous military honors on the battlefield, Gregory is unskilled in social interactions. He got along particularly poorly with Duke Vox, the captain of the Dragon Brigade, and was soon demoted to the rank of common solider and sent packing to the remote Kirlsa Caverns.
However, the unsympathetic response of those around him would seem to indicate that many other people had trouble dealing with him as well.

Guild Master (People)

Respected elder of the Craftsman's Guild located in Peterny.
At first glance, he looks like some kind of strange humanoid, but the Guild Master is a bona fide human.
No one knows the shocking secret of his real name. Thing is, nobody has ever bothered to ask.

Gusto (People)

A gifted blacksmith who used to live in the town of Kirlsa, and who specializes in forging swords.
After the output of Bequerel Mine and other mines around Kirlsa trailed off dramatically, Gusto set off on an adventure to find better mines to excavate on his own.
Gusto is the only person who actually competes with dragons for the control of mineral resources in all of Elicoor.


Irisa Pahm (People)

An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal Sphere, Irisa was mainly responsible for world configuration.
After the Eternal Sphere development project was completed, Irisa left maintenance responsibilities to the younger developers, and retired after a lifetime of service to the company.

Izak (People)

A humanoid robot created by the technological superpower Greeton that supposedly destroyed the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
Whether there was a mistake in the robot's blueprint, or whether those who repaired it were at fault is uncertain, but this machine, which used to be a merciless killing machine, is now but a mere appliance.
This robot's official name is "Izak Type B-Mech".


Jessie Traydor (People)

A human woman born on Expel who raised Maria as her own daughter.
Jessie worked as a lab worker in the field of Symbological genetics on Federation Station #17 along with her husband, who was a Federation officer.
Before getting married, while on Moonbase, Jessie used to work on the staff of the Leingod Research Lab, where she met Fayt.
(Of course Fayt has no memory of this time.)

Julee Garrand (People)

A completely ordinary person who lives in the town of Arkives, in 4D space.
As a mother overly obsessed with education, Julee is so concerned with insuring that her son leads a happy life, she tries to force many things on him that he has no interest in whatsoever.
Julee is attempting to find meaning and somehow redeem the many disappointments of her own life by pouring all of her energy into her son.


Kyoko Esteed (People)

Sophia's mother, born on Earth's satellite, Luna.
Kyoko has been friends with Fayt's mother Ryoko since the two were in school.
Incidentally, Kyoko herself is not an academician, but rather an excellent but otherwise quite ordinary surgeon.


Lancar (People)

A longstanding member of the anti-Federation group Quark, currently acting as a security guard on the Diplo. He has the bad habit of boring people with old yams whenever he drinks.
Lieber tends to be the victim of this unfortunate character trait more often than anyone else.
(Steeg is usually smart enough to make his getaway before it's too late.)

Leiria Zeit (People)

A programmer on the Eternal Sphere development team at Sphere, responsible for developing and maintaining flag progress management components for use during critical events, and ordinary system components for use during non-critical periods.
Unlike her older sister Shar, Leiria is rather unassertive, and is always getting pushed around at work.

Lezard (People)

A young humanoid living in the town of Surferio.
Lezard is smart, but he is a bit contrary and his thoughts are always taking him in unconstructive directions.
He'd actually be pretty handsome if he'd take off those glasses.

Lias (People)

A human refugee on the continent of Gaitt, who hails from an island nation located to the far north.
Lias is a man of many talents, excelling at horsemanship, swordsmanship, and archer. This leads many to believe he must have been a man of high standing in his own country.
When questioned about his past, however, Lias always responds with little more than a sad smile, revealing nothing.

Lieber (People)

A member of the anti-Federation group Quark, and brother of another Quark member by the name of Steeg.
Also known as "Lieber the Quick-Draw" and "Steeg the Sharpshooter", the two brothers like to refer to themselves collectively as "the Binary Star Lazeria", but unfortunately, neither the Pangalactic Federation nor the fellow members of Quark refer to them by this nickname.
Incidentally, "Lazeria" is the name of a city on Klaus IV, and the home town of Lieber, Steeg, and Marietta.

Louise (People)

A cranky old woman with extremely prominent frown lines permanently etched upon her forehead.
Although she led the Craftman's Guild over a period of four years, her cantankerous personality led even her flesh and blood to abandon her, and nowadays she lives a solitary existence.
In her heyday, Louise had her own special program on the compact communicator, in which she would show off her soothsaying talents.

Lucien (People)

A humanoid boy living in the town of Surferio, along with his younger brother Lezard, who bears little resemblance to him.
Lucien is going through a rebellious stage.

Luther Lansfeld (People)

The software engineering genius who developed the core simulation routines for universe construction based on multiple time axes, which allowed the Eternal Sphere to grow into the tremendous hit it is today.
Luther is also the owner of Sphere, the company that acts as the de facto ruling body of the Lost City.
He deserves most of the credit for turning Sphere into the juggernaut that it is today.


Mackwell (People)

An ingenious alchemist who graduated second in his class from the runological school located inside Aquaria, which he attended as a foreign exchange student.
Mackwell is extremely fussy about his time's value, and always carries a schedule with each day's tasks listed down to the second.
Acting alone, this gifted alchemist and scholar derived a unification theory that ties channeled force and magnetism, while working with Dion in Dr. Elena's research lab. This theory is what finally allowed the development of the Thunder Arrow to proceed.
Unfortunately, after this breakthrough, Mackwell grew fed up with Dr. Elena's unstructured and carefree working style, and quit the research lab.
In lieu of a retirement package, Mackwell made off with one of Elena's books, and still travels with it to this day.

Magistrate Lasselle (People)

A functionary who assists the Queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria in both political and military matters.
Of all the many clergy members in Aquaria, Lasselle is the most knowledgeable when it comes to the obligations and responsibilities of those in authority. His habit of trying to shape the complicated reality into his idealistic worldview gives him fits at times.

Maria Traydor (People)

A young and beautiful human girl born on Earth who is the leader of the anti-Federation organization Quark--a group most active in the Klaus system.
She claims that she was modified with Symbological genetics into some sort of biological weapon by both Dr. Leingods, Robert and Ryoko.
Furthermore, she says that Fayt is also such a weapon.
It is true that both Fayt and Maria possess latent powers that are clearly more than just symbology or qigong, but at this moment, there is no way to prove that these mysterious powers are the result of the scientists' experiments, as she claims.
Regardless, many people believe her earnest words, and although she is an Earthling, her impeccable integrity led the anti-Federation organization Quark to make her their leader.

Maria Traydor (Part 2) (People)

In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of the 4D beings, Maria was given the power of Alteration by the Leingods and their fellow researcher, Dr. Clive Esteed.
Maria knows the reason why, about the struggle of Dr. Leingod and his team, and about her own mission as well, but all of this is little comfort for her.
The fact remains that Maria's body was modified without her consent.

Marietta (People)

A member of the anti-Federation group Quark.
Marietta happened to see Quark in action as a student, and was so impressed with the work of the woman Mirage that she decided to quit school and join the organization. She currently operates the controls of the Diplo, and is the type of person that never gives much thought to the future.

Mayu (People)

A girl living in the Kirlsa Training Facility who, along with her mother, takes care of the soldiers of the Black Brigade.
Mayu wears her heart on her sleeve, and tires of things easily, perhaps because her live involves day after day of nothing but repetitive chores around the training facility.
Even though she often dreams of blowing up and venting her anger at her tiresome existence, she's basically a harmless girl.

Meena (People)

A young Vanguardian girl living in the village of Whipple. This kindhearted child found Fayt collapsed on the ground outside the town, and nursed him back to health.

Melt (People)

A humanoid living in the town of Surferio descended from an ancient and honored clan with the power to read the stars.
He sometimes speaks in a formal, stilted manner that belies the fact that he is still just a child. Perhaps this is because he has read so many texts written in ancient tongues.

Meryl (People)

A girl who studied the mechanical arts in the technological superpower of Greeton.
Meryl had to return to her homeland with her parents after only a few years of study. Yet even so, her time spent growing up in Greeton's mechanically advanced society from an early age had a major impact on her life. In spite of her young age, Meryl may actually know more about machines than anyone else currently living on the continent of Gaitt.
On a side note, there are humans living in Greeton as well, and Aquarians living in Greeton face no discrimination in their everyday lives.
However, since the two nations have had no formal relations for centuries, such intrepid individuals must face the double jeopardy of entering and exiting Greeton illegally.

Milenya (People)

A trueborn noble and head of one of the top two houses of the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
Recently, however, Milenya has expressed objections to the war with the Kingdom of Aquaria, and this earned her the wrath of the powerful warmonger Duke Vox. Vox had her branded as a rebel and subjected to house arrest.
Unsurprisingly, not even Vox dared to execute the head of a noble house with such a long and distinguished heritage. But even a punishment as light as house arrest must be difficult to endure for a woman who has known nothing but luxury since birth.

Mirage Koas (People)

A Klausian woman born on Klaus IV, and Cliff's partner in Quark.
She may be low-key, but she is dependable and gets the mission accomplished.
Mirage trusts Cliff's skills, and will faithfully follow any command, no matter how crazy it may sound.
Seeing Mirage and Cliff in action might give one the wrong impression. Klausians are not particularly chauvinistic. Mirage just happens to have an extremely unpretentious personality.

Mirage Koas (Part 2) (People)

A Klausian woman who possesses all the excellent physical characteristics of her people, and through mastery of the arts of the Jinju school of Taijutsu, has achieved perfect control over "spirit", "technique", and "body".
Cliff is also a student of the same school, and the two have been known to spar together.
Incidentally, the results of their 1,036 matches is: 982 wins, 11 losses, and 43 ties. It might be best not to say to whom the wins and losses belong.

Mishell (People)

A cheeky young boy living in the city of Aquios, Mishell seems to think of himself as an adult.
He loves to read books, and carries around tomes that are difficult enough to make an adult's head spin. Perhaps his tendency to memorize entire chapters without really understanding the ideas expressed within is evidence that, gifted as he may be, Mishell is after all, still a child.

Misty Lear (People)

A beautiful young woman with a mysteriously timeless presence.
Misty Lear is a superb alchemist, and since her appearance has not changed in decades, it is rumored that perhaps she has perfected an elixir or eternal youth. The truth of the matter, however, is simply that the most talented alchemist of her clan always takes the name Misty.


Nel Zelpher (People)

A runologist working for the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who has infiltrated the Kingdom of Airyglyph in order to gather information as a spy.
Having learned of the importance of the peculiar technology owned by Fayt, she felt that Fayt is the person prophesied in ancient Aquarian texts, and decided to make contact with him regardless of any danger this might entail.

Nel Zelpher (Part 2) (People)

The leader of the Secret Legion detachment of the personal guard nit that reports directly to Aquaria XXVII. This group mainly conducts intelligence gathering activities.
A master of the art of fighting with short swords that have runology instilled within their blades, she is said to be a top-class fighter within the kingdom, in spite of the fact that she has not yet finished her training.
She is one of the citizens of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who is most trusted by the Queen, and she travels the continent gathering information for the Queen, who never leaves the court.

Nevelle Zelpher (People)

The former Crimson Blade, Nel's father, and wielder of the Blades of Ryusen, a royal treasure of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
He has been missing-in-action for several years since a mission to infiltrate the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
All of the responsibilities that used to belong to Nevelle are currently being carried out by his daughter, Nel.

Niklas (People)

A Vanguardian boy living in the village of Whipple.
Niklas lost both his parents when they were disintegrated by a man named Norton, a stranger who suddenly appeared in the village.
He ekes out a living in the village with his younger sister Meena.

Norton (People)

A mysterious, oddly dressed individual who suddenly appeared in the village of Whipple.
Some people say Norton possesses a strange power he uses to cause his enemies to vanish, one after another.
Norton has taken up with some young bullies from Whipple and is currently living in the Ruins of Coffir.

Norton (Part 2) (People)

A Rezerbian felon sentenced by a court on Rezerb to 687 years on a prison planet in the Beta Sector. He attempted to escape en route by sabotaging the engine of the escort ship that was taking him to the prison planet, and was eventually forced to live on Vanguard III after the ship proved impossible to repair.


Oddeye (Dragon Name)

A baron class air dragon and partner to Airyglyph XIII, Oddeye's name refers to the fact that his eyes are of two different colors.
Since, as the king, Airyglyph XIII himself rarely stands on the field of battle, this pitiable creature has almost no role to play.
Incidentally, air dragons of the class achieved by Oddeye and Crosell boast an intellect that surpasses even that of humans, are masters of multiple languages, and wield a magic that is based on their language.

Oreas Rumac (People)

A graphic artist working on the Eternal Sphere development team for Sphere, designs and plans dungeon layouts among other tasks.

Osman (People)

A priest who preaches the ways of the gods to the people of the town of Arias.
Osman loves proverbs, precepts, and other "nice little turns of phrase", and has written and published several such works of his own.
But for some reason, perhaps related to the complexity of his philosophies, his works are not terribly popular.


Palmira Armes (People)

An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal Sphere, Palmira was an incredibly skilled graphic artist.
After the completion of the Eternal Sphere development project, Palmira quit the company and married a man she had been dating since both were students. She now leads a happy life as a homemaker.
She does continue drawing pictures as a hobby, however, and her fingers are often covered with paint stains.

Peppita Rossetti (People)

A dancing girl of the nomadic race of Velbaysians who wander space, without any permanent home.
Since her father is unknown, and her mother Elayne is already dead, she stays with the Rossetti Troupe, which is led by her uncle Piccolotto.
She has the same genius for dancing that her mother possessed, and has already mastered many different dances at a young age, earning the admiration of the other members of the troupe.

Piccolotto Rossetti (People)

The chief of the Rossetti Troupe, a circus group that roams the galaxy.
While single-handedly managing the troupe, this hard-working man also puts on an animal trainer act.
Piccolotto has adopted and lovingly raised Peppita, the daughter of his kid sister who died at a tragically young age.

Professor Trillas Bachtein (People)

The man who first succeeded in creating a subspace warp near Earth in 2087 AD. Practical application of this technology enabled humanity to take its first steps out of the Sol System.
The universe has never been the same since.

Puffy (People)

A stiff-haired girl who follows Fayt and his companions around, saying, "No more, five years before! No more, seven years before!" as if it were some sort of key phrase, for no apparent reason.
This odd phrase may make perfect sense to those who understand its context, but it means nothing at all to Fayt. It's almost as if a desire for revenge is filling her with rage and makes her pick fights.


Quantestorie (Stage Name)

An Alphalian troubadour in the Rossetti Troupe.
From the Island of Flowers, which is located in Earth's Aegean Sea.
Although he grew up on Earth, he never lost his people's characteristic speech mannerisms.
Quantestorie possesses the scary ability to soberly recite line after line of poems and other turgid material.


Richard Traydor (People)

A military serviceman working on Federation Station #17, and the man who raised Maria as his own daughter.
He perished when the base's creation engine malfunctioned during an attack by the forces of the Aldian Empire.

Rigel (People)

A young noblewoman of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who loves nothing better than to stare off into space and dine on fine food.
Rigel is incredibly picky when it comes to the food she eats. She somehow became an excellent chef herself in the process of hounding her family's resident chef morning, noon, and night to ensure that her meals are prepared according to her exacting standards.

Robert Leingod (People)

A human born on Earth, and the father of Fayt.
Dr. Leingod is the Pangalactic Federation's authority on symbology, is an excellent genomorphist, and has published many groundbreaking papers since he was a student.
Although he is still young, he is already thought to possess the most brilliant mind of the century.

Roger S. Huxley (People)

A young Menodix boy who lives in the Lost City of Surferio.
This major problem child travels around with two bad influences named Dribe and Melt, and plays life-threatening games with Lucien, Lezard, and Vellion, all as part of a so-called Real Man Contest.
It would be a good idea to keep an eye on this one, as he is always buying trouble with his rude words.

Romeria Zin Emurille (People)

The personal name of Aquaria XXVII.
See Aquaria XXVII.

Ronaldo Dyne (People)

The older brother of Sirvia I, the Queen of Freedom, and a leading figure in the Aquarian Freedom War.
Ronaldo is said to have received the Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts from Elena, Goddess of Light, after the Kingdom of Aquaria was founded.

Ruddle Crispin (People)

A young traveler (and sometimes a traveling salesman trainee) who has traveled extensively but is actually incredibly poor with directions. Ruddle makes his latest appearance with his friend Rumina, a girl he met during his wanderings.
It's anyone's guess whether he simply likes adventure or whether he is traveling in search of a particular goal.
Whatever the case may be, his natural ability to get lost has gotten him into more than one hundred scrapes throughout his life.
Incidentally, he claims to have never had a girlfriend.

Rumina G. Dogin (People)

The daughter, heir, and right-hand of Chairman Goldburn, the legendary Casino King who went from rags-to-riches by taking the money he won in a gambling parlor and using it to start in immensely lucrative casino.
Rumina is in the middle of setting up her own business on this unobserved world, completely ignoring Federation laws in the process.
Although she may look cute on the outside, underneath her clothes she is brimming with self-defense weaponry, and has even been referred to as a "walking armory" (Commentary provided by her friend "R").
However, Rumina is a proponent of peaceful solution to conflict and seeks to avoid using her weaponry, if only because ammunition is expensive.
Sometimes she breaks the law, and sometimes she ignores it altogether.

Ryoko Leingod (People)

Born on Earth's satellite Luna, Ryoko is the beloved wife of Dr. Robert Leingod and Fayt's mother.
Robert was not the only member of the Leingod household who was an active researcher, Ryoko also published many papers as a student, and showed great promise as a genomorphist.
However, after marrying Dr. Leingod, Ryoko disappeared from academia and devoted herself to supporting her husband's research.
It is said that the majority of Dr. Leingod's research would not have been completed as quickly without her. Many members of academia regret the loss of this beautiful muse.


Santa (People)

"Santa the Mercantilean" is a superhero from the planet Mercantil.
Money is faster than anyone! Money is stronger than the married man!
I'll buy tall buildings in a single payment!
A hero? Or a heroine? Hmm...

Santa, Mercantilean (People)

See Santa.

Schweimer (People)

A knight who served Duke Vox, former captain of Dragon Brigade, since childhood.
Schweimer is a fine soldier who is trusted by his men, but as a result of idolizing Duke Vox, he tends to be blind to what is going on around him.
In order to respect the unfulfilled wishes of the fallen Duke Vox, Schweimer attempted to derail the peace process by assassinating Aquaria XXVII, but thanks to Fayt and his companions, this assassination attempt ended in failure.

Sergeant Brooklund (People)

The current military leader of Rezerb.
A master of guerrilla tactics and terrorism, Brooklund overthrew his corrupt superiors in a revolution ten years ago, and thereby attained his current position.

Shar Zeit (People)

A member of the Eternal Sphere development team who works at Sphere, Shar is in charge of scenario settings and progress management, and happens to be the sister of Leiria, a programmer at Sphere.

Shelby (People)

Second-in-command of the Black Brigade's heavy cavalry, pride of the Kingdom of Airyglyph. The men of the brigade like Shelby better than the captain, Albel, because of his honest, hearty personality.
Shelby's nickname is "Shelby the Heavy-Handed."
Unfortunately, Shelby does have the bad habit of attempting to solve every problem through military force.

Shelby the Heavy-Handed (Nickname)

See Shelby.

Sirvia I (People)

A heroine who stood against the oppression of Greeton when that technological superpower attacked and destroyed the Kingdom of Aquor.
It is a matter of historical record that Sirvia I annihilated the forces of the Kingdom of Greeton by releasing the power of the Sacred Orb, which she'd received from the Emissary of Apris, upon the land of Surferio.

Sophia Esteed (People)

A human girl born on Earth who is enrolled in the Spacetime Department of Bachtein High School. Unlike most young girls of the present age, she excels in various household tasks such as cleaning and sewing. There is a simple reason for this. Her parents are both busy with work, and she has had to take care of the chores around the house by herself from an early age.
Incidentally, her father, Dr. Clive Esteed, works at the same research lab as Fayt's parents, and her house is close to Fayt's house, so the two families have had a close relationship for a long time.

Sophia Esteed (Part 2) (People)

In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of the 4D beings, just as Fayt and Maria were given a power, Sophia was as well--Connection.
Surely it couldn't have been that much of a surprise to her!

Solon Solute (People)

A member of the Eternal Sphere development team who works at Sphere, this graphic artist designs people, monsters, and various other elements.
Solon is also an amazing gamer and programmer, and is often put in charge of discovering and fixing bugs. In other words, Solon is very useful to all of the company's departments.
Solon and the programmer Dirna are an on again, off again couple.

Stanice (People)

A woman of the Featherfolk, a race that boasts large wings extending from their backs.
Perhaps because she is extremely light, even for a Featherfolk, Stanice enjoys taking long "walks" in the clouds, flying from place to place.
Nightfall often catches up to Stanice during her outings, and she is forced to wait for daybreak all alone, up in the treetops.

Steeg (People)

A member of the anti-Federation organization Quark and brother of another Quark member by the name of Lieber.
Also known as "Lieber the Quick-Draw" and "Steeg the Sharpshooter", the two brothers like to refer to themselves collectively as "the Binary Star Lazeria".
Steeg hasn't entirely forgiven Lieber, who he suspects of cheating when the brothers used rock-paper-scissors to decide whose group name idea would be used. Steeg had wanted the brothers' group name to be "the Two-Headed Dragon".


Tempest (Dragon Name)

The air dragon ridden by Duke Vox, commander of the Dragon Brigade.

The Killer Chef (People)

A humanoid of the Drowglynn race, members of which mainly reside in the Sanmite Republic.
Conversations with this man (or woman?) never seem to go anywhere.
Even so, the Chef's conversational abilities are actually vastly superior to those of the typical Drowglynn. This is because the Chef is so interested in the human race, he's actually taken it upon himself to learn how to cook.
The thought processes of Drowglynns are, for the most part, entirely foreign to the human mind. In fact, it is said that not even the gods themselves are capable of perfectly translating the language of this bizarre race.

The Snake of Valeria (People)

A wicked Mechateer who led the unmatched Mechanized Corps in an invasion of what would later become Aquarian territory, destroying the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
This person possessed extremely advanced technology for manipulating mechs, and was also referred to as the Mech master.
It is said that Sirvia I used the power of the Sacred Orb received from the Emissary of Apris to destroy the Snake of Valeria.

Tynave (People)

An enlisted member of the Secret Legion, a special unit working for the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, and led by Nel Zelpher.
Tynave is a top-rate hand-to-hand fighter, even compared to other members of the Secret Legion, and can even double for the legion's leader Nel in a pinch.
Although Tynave has never been formally trained, she is one of those rare individuals who have succeeded in training themselves to be extremely proficient in the military arts.


Ursus (Stage Name)

A huge Rondo Lukian strongman and member of the Rossetti Troupe.
Ursus is from a rare Rondo Lukian bloodline of giants who are even larger than the average Rondo Lukian, and shows off his prodigious strength by easily ripping iron chains, bars, and other items apart.
Although he rarely speaks of his own accord, Ursus is actually pretty talkative for a member of his clan.


Vanilla (People)

A young Retail Rabbit living in the Urssa Lava Caves for an unknown reason. This eccentric character is interested in manufacturing as well as sales, unlike most Retail Rabbits.
One characteristic he does share with the others is an obnoxious fixation on money.
It is possible that Vanilla may be making a living by selling to the dragons.
But when you think about it, what would a dragon want, anyway?

Vellion (People)

A young, strong, and kind humanoid living in the town of Surferio.
Vellion is not the best around when it comes to studies, but he is always ready with a smile.
One would think he would be popular with such a positive personality, but unfortunately, he surrounds himself with negative influences.


Welch Vineyard (People)

A young woman who runs the Craftsman's Guild in Peterny.
This working woman is smart, good-looking, has a good personality, and even the Guild Master who leads the Craftsman's Guild is no match for her.

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