Del Argosy faces the party as they arrive to the Demon World.

The Demon World, also known as the Daemonium or Realm of Demons, is a parallel universe inhabited by demons. The world is barren, and there appears to be no real structures of any kind.


Till the End of Time: Daemonium
The Last Hope: Realm of Demons


Star Ocean/First Departure

On Fargett, Asmodeus, angry at his fate, stole the Space-Time Laboratory and managed to transfer the entire building to the Demon World, most likely by accident. He decided that he would rule the Demon World, as well as experiment on the native lifeforms.

Meanwhile, as the Muah of Roak tried to open a gate back to Earth using the Eye of Truth, they accidentally opened a gate to the Demon World. This caused demons to flood into the world, devastating the planet. The gate was eventually closed, but the damage was done. Demons from the demon world could enter Roak whenever they pleased.

Now with a portal to Roak at his access, Asmodeus went about plotting an invasion. Unlike the Muah, Asmodeus would be happy with any world to rule, and decided Roak was as good as any. He spent most of his time building up his demon army, while continuing his experiments.

Eventually, Roddick Farrence, with the Eye of Truth, managed to enter the Demon World to confront Asmodeus and take a sample of his blood. Eventually his party found the Time & Space Laboratory and secured the sample they needed. With Asmodeus dead, they had no reason to stay in the Demon World and left.



  • Sweet Syrup
  • Green Beryl
  • ?Herb
  • Lavender
  • Foot Insignia
  • ?Weapon
  • Emerald Ring
  • Orichalcum

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