Cyuss Warren, also known as Cius in the japanese version, is one of the main protagonists of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


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Cyuss, a Highlander, was born on the planet Roak, in the city of Astral. Born, the son of the famous veteran of the Demonic Wars, Lias Warren, Cyuss always felt that he stood in his father's shadow, which caused tension between the two. At some point in his childhood, Cyuss gained an adopted sister; Phia Melle, who would join the Astral Knights alongside him and take on the role of Captain when he rejected the offer. Due to an argument with Lias, Cyuss eventually left Astral City to travel the world, in hopes of becoming stronger, so that he can face his father once again, in order to show him that he is no longer the young man he once was.

Star Ocean/First Departure

Cyuss is first encountered in Haute on the Muah continent, in the year S.D. 46. He witnesses Roddick and Ilia at a weapon shop and warns them that what they are buying are just cheap imitations of actual weapons. He then makes his way to one of the local shops and takes on a delivery job that Roddick and Ilia had their eyes on. Cyuss offers to share the job with the pair and the three make their way to Portmith in exchange for a pass that allows entrance into the city. The party delivers the package and returns to Haute, then travels back to Portmith. Cyuss asks Roddick and Ilia if he can join them in their adventure, which can be accepted or declined. If Roddick declines, Cyuss continues to travel the world in hopes to become stronger.

Joining the Party

The group plans to travel to the Astral continent, only to find pirates blockading the port. The group agrees to defeat the pirates so they can travel to Astral and upon entering the pirate cave, they defeat the pirates and save a Lesser Fellpool named Pericci, who quickly runs off. The party leaves the cave and arrives in the port town of Autanim, then travels to Tatroi. The party travels to Astral City and make their way to the inn. Phia appears and argues with Cyuss about leaving the Astral Knights Corps and the city. When she leaves, the party stays the night at the inn. During the the night, an alarm rings throughout the city; a coded message only the Astral Knights could understand. Cyuss will understand the message during the night and find it hard to believe that Phia could kill his father, prompting the party to investigate. Chasing Phia to the entrance of the Astral Caves, it is revealed that this Phia is merely a monster disguised as her. The real Phia joins up with the party and they track the impostor through the Astral caves and defeat her in battle. Phia instructs Roddick and Ilia to stay at the inn while Phia and Cyuss go to Lord Lias' residence to check on him. Upon hearing that Lias will be okay, Cyuss decides to leave without seeing him. Phia becomes upset, however, and tries to persuade him to stay and see Lias. Cyuss explains his reasoning for leaving Astral in the first place, the two make amends for their earlier argument, and he leaves. The next morning, in the inn, the party is approached by an Astral knight who brings gifts from the king, for defeating Lias' assassin, and word from Phia who instructs them to go to the Purgatorium if they are searching for someone. Upon their arrival, they meet a Featherfolk man named Ioshua Jerand, who is searching for his sister. Ioshua joins the team to traverse the Purgatorium in hopes to use the Eye of Truth, as well. Once the inner sanctum is reached, the party is approached by three entities that introduce themselves as "The Three Runes." They tell the party that the Eye of Truth is nothing more than a myth, however, they may still be able to help. They identify Roddick and Ilia of not being of their world due to their incorrect time signatures and show them a vision of Ronyx and Millie in the current time. As they leave toward the town they saw Millie and Ronyx in, Ioshua requests to join the group, which Roddick can accept or decline. While heading to the next town of Tropp, a space ship lands outside of Kratus Village which prompts the group to investigate. Upon reaching the crash site, Ilia speculates that the "third party" has arrived. After witnessing the event, the party returns to Tropp and sails to the next town, Eckdart.

Meeting Millie and Ronyx

After their arrival in Eckdart, the party reunites with Millie who explains that Ronyx is just south, in the town of Ionis. The party enters the town of Ionis and witnesses Ronyx with Mavelle Froesson. She is arguing with a man known as "The Crimson Shield," who she claims killed her parents and brother. The Crimson Shield denounces it as a case of mistaken identity and leaves.

If Roddick recruited Ioshua Jerand Mavelle tells the group her story and requests to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.
Ilia says that the group needs to find the host of the virus, who is identified as the demon king, Asmodeus, and since the King of Van has been fighting against the demon world for some time, they should travel to the city of Van. Upon meeting the king, he puts the party through a trial to see if they have any chance of defeating the demons. Upon succeeding the trial, the king reveals that it is impossible to enter the demon world; rather portals must be opened from the other side, to Roak. He reveals that the portal to the demon realm was opened long ago by the Muah, a mysterious group of people who came to Roak and created the Eye of Truth. He then sends them to visit the other kingdoms of Roak for more information.

The Four Emblems

If Roddick picked up the Ocarina that Pericci dropped in the Pirate Hideout and travels back to Kratus after beginning the Emblem quest While Millie plays with a cat, Roddick, nearby, plays the ocarina, which prompts the cat to turn into Pericci. Pericci asks to join Roddick's party, which he can agree to accept or refuse.
If Roddick returns to Tatroi during the Emblem quest and fights in the arena as far as Rank D and there are no more than 6 people in the party Upon clearing the arena, T'nique jumps in from the audience and fights Roddick. After defeating him, he offers to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.
After meeting with the king of Silvalant, he reveals the entrance to the demon world and gives the party the emblem of Silvalant, access to the port, and a key to enter the nearby ancient ruins.
If Roddick recruited Ioshua Jerand and Mavelle Froesson The party makes their way to the inner sanctum of the ruins where they find a golden-winged, Featherfolk girl who Ioshua identifies as his sister, Erys. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back or she will be forced to attack. Unable to live with herself, any longer, Mavelle alludes that she is the real Erys before destroying her featherfolk body and commiting suicide, leaving the party forever.
The party travels to Muah Castle, where the king puts them through a trial. After succeeding, he gives them the Muah emblem.
If Roddick acquired the Silvalant Emblem and enters a hut between Ionis and Van The party meets Welch Vineyard, and inventor who offers to join the party, which can be accepted or refused by Roddick.
The party returns to Astral Castle and acquires the Emblem of Astral.
If there are no more than 6 people in the party After meeting with the king of Astral, Phia offers to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.
They then make their way to the Purgatorium and reunite with The Runes, and are transported to the inner sanctum, a high-tech area of the Purgatorium, littered with computers and machines far beyond anything the Roakians are capable of. Upon reaching the bottom, a holographic projection of the planet Earth reveals that a large continent in the Pacific Ocean may have been the legendary continent of Mu that supposedly existed a very long time ago. Ilia reveals that it is said the civilizations was very advanced but destroyed by a meteorite. A hologram of a person appears and explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to Roak while the meteorite hit. Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time vortexes, but nothing nearly as outrageous as what happened with the Muah. The hologram reveals the Eye of Truth's purpose; to allow the Muah to return to Earth, however, instead, it opened a gate to the demon world. The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.

The Demon World

The party enters Asmodeus' stronghold, a biological research laboratory. They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into, however, she sets off an alarm, causing Asmodeus to appear. He quickly runs off, leaving his henchmen to deal with the group. After dispatching the henchmen, the group chases Asmodeus, however, two men stop and detain him before he can escape. The party witness the men take a blood sample from Asmodeus and rush off. Ilia suggests that they belong to the third party group. Avoiding creating a time paradox, the party kills Asmodeus and takes a blood sample for their own use. Then, the group returns to the king of Van who praises their efforts and thanks them for restoring peace to Roak. Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to S.D. 346 via a portal northeast of Silvalant, taking the blood sample with them. After a short period of peace, the four use the time gate to return to S.D. 36 and recruit their friends, telling them of the new threat involving Jie Revorse.


The party takes the wormhole to Fargett and beams down to the surface, however, are immediately captured by Jie's soldiers. Before they are defeated, a separate faction appears and rescues them. The leader of the group introduces herself to the group as Ivana and tells them the story of Jie Revorse. The party immediately travels to the top of Jie's tower and confronts the superhuman. Jie reveals that not all Muans were sent to Roak and that some were also sent to Fargett. In order to save the universe, the party fights and defeats Jie Revorse, then returns to their respective times through the time gate.


If Roddick and Cyuss have a high affection toward each other Before Roddick, Millie, Ronyx, and Illia return to S.D. 346, Cyuss challenges Roddick to a sparring match. If Roddick wins, Cyuss vows to catch up to Roddick in swordsmanship. If Roddick loses, Cyuss tells Roddick not to worry, he'll get stronger. Later on, Cyuss is walking a path on Mt. Metorx, vowing to become a famous swordsman, in hopes they'll still be talking about him 300 years in the future - a man stronger than his father, stronger than The Crimson Shield, and even stronger than Roddick.
If Roddick and Cyuss have a low affection toward each other Cyuss stands in the abandoned mines of Mt. Metorx surrounded by many Fellworms. He says he can't return to Astral yet because he still has a lot of training to do.
If Roddick recruited Phia and she and Cyuss have a high affection toward each other At the Astral docks, Phia asks if he will return to the Astral army, Cyuss says no and that he still has a lot of training to do, he wants to be better than his father, the Crimson Shield and Roddick. Cyuss jumps onto a small boat to sail off and Phia says she understands and will be waiting for him.
If everyone has high affection toward Roddick and Roddick recruited a character from S.D. 36 Millie and Roddick stand, sad about Ilia and Ronyx's departure. After a few moments, Dorne appears and notices a great tree behind the two, claiming it wasn't there before. Millie stands back and proclaims that their friends planted it there for them, 300 years ago.
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Beneath his boorish manner, Cyuss is a friendly rival type of character who recognizes Roddick's potential. Cyuss' motivations in life are to become a stronger man so that he can make his father and friends proud of who he is. He is characterized by his quick temper and willingness to fight anyone who disagrees with him. He also has racist views against Lesser Fellpool, claiming them to all be stupid.


Go to Haute, go into the item shop, talk with the item shop owner, Badam, about the quest. He accepts your offer but Roddick has to get a weapon. So run to the bottom part of Haute and talk to the "weapon master." Say you would like to buy the sword for 20 fol, and Cyuss will come rushing to whack the master up. Go back to the item store, and there will be more discussion. Endpoint is Cyuss joins the party temporarily. Go across Mt Meteorx, to Portmith, get the goods from the weapon shop in Portmith, and return to Haute. once the quest ends, you will get the option to keep Cyuss or not.

There are three options:

  1. Ask him to join you. 
  2. Ask him about the treasure (after which you still have to make a choice). 
  3. Say good day and goodbye to him (he won't join). 

If you get him you can't get:

  1. Phia, in the early game (you can get her later, in the game).
  2. Ashlay.
  3. Erys.

Powers and Abilities

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Shockwave Swirl 3 Default
Spirit Strike 4 13
Double Slash 8 17
Thunderclap Blade 5 21
Firestorm Blade 6 27
Lightray Blade 10 31
Omega Firestorm Blade 17 Firestorm Blade + Omega SFT
Omega Thunderclap Blade 22 Thunderclap Blade + Omega SFT
Omega Double Slash 24 Double Slash + Omega SFT
Tortoise Surge 35 Spirit Strike + Four Beasts SFT
Tiger Surge 27 Shockwave Swirl + Four Beasts SFT
Dragon Surge 27 Lightray Blade + Four Beasts SFT

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Cyuss


Cyuss is able to equip swords, greatswords, leather armor, and heavy armor.

Restricted Equipment

Cyuss Special


As you use different skills with Cyuss, he will gain the following talents:

Name Learned When Using
Originality Crafting, Customization
Taste Cooking
Design Sense Art, Machinist
Composition Writing
Rhythm Sense Music
Love of Animals Familiar
Listening Music
Animal Instinct Scout

Family Tree

Cyuss Tree


  • If the player recruits Cyuss, it becomes impossible to recruit Ashlay Bernbeldt and Erys Jerand.
  • In the PSP version only, if Cyuss has a high enough affection rating for Roddick, Cyuss will challenge you to one final duel before he jumps back into the Time Gate at the end. Winning or losing changes nothing except the dialogue.
  • He is one of two characters whose favorite food (in his case, Tropical Melody) requires a character age 20 or older to make (the other being Ilia).
  • His Japanese voice actor, Hiroki Touchi, is a regular in the series, voicing a playable character in every entry to date.
  • He is racist against Lesser Fellpool.
  • He is an alcoholic, as shown in his first PA in Portmith, where he puts away three bottles of alcohol.


Star Ocean/First Departure
Material Trader