Rena Lanford casts Crush.

Crush, also known as Press, is a recurring Symbology skill in the Star Ocean series. It consists of an void-elemental symbol that drops a weight on enemies in the area. In First Departure and Second Evolution, the spell does small damage but has a quick casting time, and can be used to interrupt enemies' spell casting. In Till the End of Time, the spell is stronger but takes longer to cast.

The spell is succeeded by a stronger version known as Gravity Crush.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

SO1 Press

Millie casts Crush.

Millie Chliette learns this spell at level 6, and costs 2 MP to cast.

In the original Star Ocean, the summoned weight comically flattens enemies. First Departure uses The Second Story's animation instead.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Rena Lanford learns this spell at level 3, and uses 7 MP to cast. In The Second Story, this spell is known as Press.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Sophia Esteed can learn this spell. In this installment, it also inflicts MP damage.

Crush is notable as one of the few spells Adray Lasbard does not learn.


  • Crush has had the most changes of its elemental affinity out of all the spells in the series to date. In the first Star Ocean, it is non-elemental. In The Second Story, it becomes Void-elemental. It finally becomes Earth-elemental in Till the End of Time.
  • The spell is represented by the Bunny in Till the End of Time, which serves as a sort of mascot creature for the series.
  • Crush can be seen as Star Ocean's equivalent to the Tales of series' Pikohan/Pow Hammer spell/art: both are early level spells that involve comically slamming a hard object on the enemy's head, and the heroines of each game usually learn the spell.
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