There's nothing special about being courageous in times of need.
—Claude C. Kenny

Claude C. Kenny (クロード・C・ケニー, Kurōdo C. Kenī?) is the son of the famous Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny (a playable character from Star Ocean/First Departure). Although Claude certainly has the ability and talent to be an officer, he still lives in the shadow of his father. Generally a nice guy, Claude is passionate about what he thinks is right. He is one of the two main protagonists of Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He also reappears in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


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Son of Earth Federation Army hero Ronixis J. Kenni. Claude has his doubts, but he still attends the Federation Academy. A typical 19 year old, his major for now is Basic Combat Arts.
—The Second Story - Hero Select

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Claude flashback - intell2

Claude with his father as a child on Earth.

He has always lived under the shadow of his father's celebrity and role-model status. Shortly after being commissioned as an Ensign in the Pangalactic Federation, he is stationed on the Calnus, his father's vessel, and sent on a reconnaissance mission on Planet Milokeenia. Once there he is given a Phase Gun by his father before the investigation team entered some odd ruins which they believed to have been destroyed by an internal explosion many years prior. After ignoring his father's warnings about a strange device which was found within one of the domes during the exploration, he is transported to the planet Expel.

Landing within the leafy confines of the Shingo Forest, the young Federation officer finds a young girl named Rena Lanford threatened by a monster, whom Claude swiftly slays using his side arm. Due to the burst of light emitted from his phase gun, he is mistaken for the "Hero of Light" by Rena and the other inhabitants of Expel due to a local legend which tells of a "Hero" dressed in "Alien Raiments" and a "Sword of Light" who would arrive on Expel during its time of need. Wearing alien raiments in the form of his Earthling Pangalactic Federation uniform weilding a sword of light in the form of a phase gun and arriving on Expel during the crisis caused by the Sorcery Globe, many Expellians quickly grasp at the hope that he is the Warrior of Light. After clarifying the situation, he goes to investigate the mysterious Sorcery Globe incident in order to find clues which would help him to return to Earth.

Did you hear? They're saying the guy who beat Allen was the actual Hero of Light!
—Bartender of The Seven Dwarves bar in Salva.

Midway through the war between the Nedians and the God's Ten Wise Men, Claude and his party are part of an elite Nedian Defense Force strike team sent to nuetralize the Ten Wise Men in their home base, the former Nedian city of Phynal. Upon their insertion into the tower, Gabriel, the leader of the Ten Wise Men, decides to test the strength of his new antimatter cannon on the Calnus which is currently in orbit around Energy Nede. The powerful energy beam breaks through the vessel's shields and breaks the ship apart, killing everyone on board, including Claude's father. Claude is immensly angered by what the leader of the Ten Wise Men did, and swears to kill Gabriel to avenge his father.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Claude Rena Crash

Claude and Rena crash-land on Edifice.

Immediantly after the initial storyline, Claude convinces Rena to come back to Earth with him to study medicine. He also convinces Precis and Leon to join them. He studies at the Military Academy, finally moving out of his father's shadow. However, Claude doesn't often talk to others about what happened when he was missing on the planet Expel.

When Precis sends out the SOS signal to him and Rena, they are unable to act immediantly as they are on a mission. As soon as they finish, they head to the planet Eldifice, where their ship is pulled through the planet's atmosphere, and crashes. Claude is immediantly seperated from Rena, and contracts a deadly disease. A nearby village takes him in, where he later meets up with his friends again. They go out in search of a herb to cure him of his illness, before he can join the party again.


A young man transported by accident to an uncharted world during a survey of an underdeveloped planet. The son of a hero, with much to prove, he finds himself on the path to greatness.
—STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution official site

Claude has the tendency to be brash, impetuous, and usually a little late, but altruistic. Claude's good looks and noble nature tend to draw the interest of his female party members, especially Rena; he is seen to be easily jealous, especially of Dias Flac . Back home on Earth, he was noted for his frizzy blond hair and impish gleam in his eye in addition to being late and causing ruckus. He enjoys all kinds of food, though has a certain taste for steak in particular, and likes computer games as well; he dislikes the job of being a Federation officer due to the treatment he is given as the son of a hero, but his adventures on Expel and Energy Nede seem to have changed this.

Claude's favorite instrument is the Silver Trumpet and his favorite food is Steak. He also enjoys stargazing and, if a Private Action is initiated in the village of Marze in Rena's scenario, then he and Rena will agree to stargaze together when they have a free night during their adventures.

He has been known to carry various long swords and even a portrait of Rena on his person while resting within various towns. Said portrait can be retrieved using the Pickpocketing ability.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Elder, I am familiar with this swordsman. He's a powerful fighter to have on our side.
—Celine Jules, regarding Claude's prowess in battle

Besides majoring in Basic Combat Arts at the Academy, Claude seemed to have no practical experience in battle at the beginning of his journey, but seemingly picked up on the Edarl sword style during his studies in the Basic Combat Arts, which he puts to practical use after receiving a longsword from Regis, the village elder of Arlia. He mixes acrobatic martial arts with his inner spiritual energies--most likely a manifestation of his Symbological Force invoked through sheer willpower--to execute powerful killer moves.

Among his notable Arts are Helmetbreak, which allows him to strike enemies from virtually any range; Sword of Life, which allows him to self heal; Rock Explosion, which can cover a wide area and hit multiple opponents at once; and Dragon Roar, which boasts from dealing multiple hits, allowing Claude to easily put opponents into daze state.

He wields a single longsword and dons heavy armor in battle, and is an extremely capable and versatile melee fighter with self-healing abilities and both close and long-range combat arts. Many of his Special Arts are imbued with elemental properties, however their MP cost tend to be high. Claude has the third highest range of normal ground attack, losing only to Ernest and Dias. His stats are all very balanced, having the highest STR growth in the game, as well very high CON, making him excel as a frontline fighter. 

Claude is notable for his third strongest weapon, Aeterna (also called Eternal Sphere in Second Evolution), which shoots sparkles on normal attacks, causing multiple hits. This, combined with accessories such as Meteor Ring and Slayer Ring, makes Claude deal a massive amount of hits per attack, being capable of dazing enemies in single blows. 

In the remake version, when the player controls Claude during random battles, he can slash his opponent three times in one hand as his primary basic combo. He can also make a jumping slash on his airborne opponent. His most powerful combo is when his special art Mirror Blade serve as the last blow to the combo to deal more heavy damage on his opponent including powerful bosses. He will gain additional damage when he is equipped with Eternal Sphere.


Name Starting Gain
Level 1 NA
HP 130 NA
MP 20 NA
STR 10 3-6
CON 5 2-4
DEX 10 2-3
INT 10 1-2
LUC 132 NA
STM 15 0-1
GUTS 20 0-1

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Attribute Damage Level Learned Rank Up Changes Base Effect
Phase Gun 0 NA None/Single target Default NA NA Short: 512, Long: 576 Fire rays from a small phase gun issued by the Pangalactic Federation that destroy a target at its molecular level.
Air Slash/Shockwave Swirl 4 NA Short: 50%/1 hit, Long: 100%/1 hit 3 200+ uses, 1 increase Damage +50% Short: 128, Long: None Deliver a shockwave.
Meteor Palm/Palm of Destruction 7 NA Short: 50%/1 hit, Long: 100%/1 hit 7 120 uses, 3 increases Damage +12.5% Short: 80, Long: 384 Fire off a burst of inner energy.
Helmetbreak 9 NA 150%/1 hit 13 130 uses, 2 increases Damage +50% NA Jump into the air and deliver a crushing blow tot he enemy's head.
Sword of Life 11 Recovery Recover 20% HP 20 100 uses, 2 increases Recovery +20% NA Restore HP by controlling the flow of energy within the body.
Knuckle Burst 12 Fire Short: 150%/1 hit, Long: 100%/1 hit 28 100 uses, 1 increase Damage +50% Short: 96, Long 448 Focus energy into the fist to produce a burst of fire.
Rock Explosion 17 Earth 100%/3 hits 38 90 uses, 3 increases Extended range Short: 338, Long: 512 Punch the ground to cause sharp rock formations to jut out and pierce enemies.
Double Slash 15 NA 100%/2 hits 45 160 uses, 1 increase Standard Hit x2 Short: 128, Long: 192 Deliver two attacks in rapid succession.
Dragon Roar 28 NA 50%/3 hits 53 250 uses, 2 increases Standard Hit Short: 384, Long: 640 Deliver a burst of inner energy in the shape of a dragon.
Sword Bomber 32 Fire 100%/4 hits 62 140 uses, 3 increases Standard Hit +2 more 768 Focus energy into the sword to shoot out several blasts of scorching fire.
Mirror Blade 38 NA 100%/4 hits 70 230 uses, 2 increases Standard Hit +3 more/Standard Hit +2 more 48 Deliver a succession of blows in a beautifully choreographed sequence.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Claude

Formal Wear Claude

Family Tree

Claude Tree


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere
Material Trader


  • In his youth, "years and years" prior to the events of Second Evolution, Claude had a dog with a big fluffy tail named Roddick. This was the first name that came to mind by his father when he saw the dog's tail which reminded him of his Roakian friend and adventurer, Roddick Farrence. The canine Roddick was killed after getting hit by a car; Claude rushed Roddick to the vet but the dog was already dead.
  • The player can permanently recruit Leon D.S. Gehste, but not Dias Flac, in Claude's scenario.
  • While Claude wears a tan colored jacket in The Second Story and Second Evolution, he wears a green colored jacket in Star Ocean EX, similar to the one he wears in Blue Sphere.
  • Claude and Ronyx are heavily implied to be descendants of the fourth game's Stephen D. Kenny.
  • Claude's mother is heavily implied to be Ilia Silvestri and hasn't been officially stated as so until Star Ocean: Anamnesis.
    • After battle, Claude has a habit of rating the party's performance on a scale of one to ten. Ilia demonstrated the same habit years before Claude was born, which would seem to further support the theory that she is his mother.
  • In The Second Story, Claude's last name was spelled Kenni with an "i", but was changed to Kenny with a "y" in the remake.
  • Like Fayt Leingod from the Till the End of Time, Claude also has a love for computer games. This can be noted on three his winning quotes which references the level up mechanic in many other RPG's, where he says "Claude has advanced forward", "Advanced Forward!" or "Level up!" (the very latter upon of course, leveling up).
  • Claude is well-known to be a game-breaking character due to the ability to obtain the Eternal Sphere sword really early in the game. The sword is exclusive to Claude and not only is it easily among the best three weapons of the entire game, but it also spray stars with each attack, making it easy to daze and stun-lock enemies and bosses.
  • Claude bears some resemblance to Cress Albane of the Tales/Tales of franchise.
  • Emmerson T. Kenny, from Integrity and Faithlessness, alludes to being a descendant of Claude in a victory quote, claiming to be the bloodline of "The Hero of Light".
  • In the original Star Ocean 2, Claude shares his English voice actor with Noel Chandler.