Christmas Eve: The Great Present Plan was a story-only event in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, an interactive comic released as a gaiden of the accompanying A Surprise Christmas Party.


The crew of the GFSS-3214F is hard at work on a secret surprise, but Welch Vineyard's curiosity as an inventor drives her mad as she wonders what might be in the small box containing it. She inadvertently triggers a blizzard from the device, causing her to catch cold before shutting it down.

Welch feels extreme remorse for the scare she created, and expands upon her past as she confesses the error of her ways to the Captain. Meanwhile, the other crew members work frantically to repair the snow machine behind the scenes.

As it turns out, our heroes were preparing a birthday gift for Evelysse, a thank-you on this Christmas Eve for bringing them together.

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