Cave of the Seven Stars - SO1

The entrance of the Cave of the Seven Stars.

The Cave of the Seven Stars is an hidden dungeon located beyond the Oracle Room in Fargett, in Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and its remake, First Departure. It is composed of 30 Floors. Inside lie the game's strongest enemies, as well as the strongest weapons. In the last floor, a boss group waits for the party.



Where the glitter of gold is too bright, it may be difficult to see the way forward.

Simply close all the chests in the rooms.


Ladies first.

Move all the women in your party to the battle party.


Remove what hinders the lovers.

Turn the statues by examining them, so that the females face the males and vice-versa.


What one is, the next one doesn't want to be.

Close the chest of the middle left door and open the chest on the top left room.


Release them all

Open all the chests. Keep in mind that opening a chest closes the ones surrounding it.


It can be embarassing to be seen.

Turn the statues by examining them, so that the pairs face away from eachother.



SO1 Cave of the Seven Stars - Bottom

The final room of the Cave of the Seven Stars, before the fight with Resphina and the Bandit Kings.

  • Ring of Might
  • Backstab
  • Star Guard
  • Mindhealer
  • Star Ruby
  • Gold Ring
  • Dragon Blade
  • ?Weapon
  • Damascus
  • Extinction
  • ?Mineral
  • Holy Orb
  • Ring of Healing
  • Xtra Knuckles
  • Star Ruby
  • Rainbow Diamond
  • Orichalcum
  • Kaiser Knuckles
  • Faerie Ring
  • Star Lance
  • Ring of Infinity
  • Violent Handy Stick
  • ?Mineral
  • Ring of Wisdom
  • Murasama
  • Cyuss Special
  • Aurora Blade
  • Ring of Fusion
  • Mithril
  • Smooth Crystal
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Archangel's Bracelet
  • Orichalcum
  • Ring of Absorption