The Captain (艦長, Kanchō?) is the character controlled by the player and the main protagonist of Star Ocean: Anamnesis. They are the Captain of the Pangalactic Federation starship GFSS-3214F.


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Not much is known about the Captain's background, since the player is the Captain and his/her history is up for the player to imagine. However, the novel adaptation states that much of the Captain's chilhood was spent on Earth, with clean air, water that is not contaminated and various trees and vegetation. As both his/her parents were engaged in the Federation's Army, their family home is located, however, in the colony that is attached to the Federation's 22nd Space Station. Prior to being a Captain, s/he was a soldier belonging to that same space station.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

When exploring deep space, the captain and their crew is ambushed by pirates. While the crew gets away through escape pods, the captain and their companion AI robot Coro, stay onboard the ship and remain as the only ones left. The captain activates the ship's hyperspace drive, however the warp fails and they are sent to a region of space outside the Federation's borders.

They decide to investigate a seemingly barren planet when they find a woman being chased by a monster. The woman, whose name is Evelysse, uses symbology magic which allows her to summon warriors from throughout time. With the aid of the summon, the Captain defeats the enemy and transports an unconscious Evelysse back to the ship. After hearing her story and wish to accompany the Captain on their journey, the make their way for Earth.

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The Captain, whose name is chosen by the player, is a silent character that represents the player or in other words the player themselves are the Captain. Much of their personality is for the player's to create and choose through dialogue options in-game. They can range from being dependable, comical, perverted or afraid of ghosts. Most of the time, even in serious situations, the Captain might speak about bananas.

They were stated to be someone who respects Evelysse and Coro, who in turn rely in the Captain.


  • According to -The Beacon of Hope-, the Captain's parents' house is in a space base in Theta Sector
  • Despite having gender-neutral dialogue in the Japanese version of the game, some events will have characters refer to the Captain with male pronouns.
  • As the player is the Captain, the Captain's age is not given; however, producer Shuichi Kobayashi and novel writer Satoshi Wagahara both thought of the Captain being somewhere in their 30s, since someone in this position would be.
  • One of the Captain's favorite foods is the banana.