Looks like I'll be popular with the ladies again!
—Bowman Jean
Bowman Jeane, once a talented researcher in the field of symbological weaponry and professor at Lacuer Academy, now runs a pharmacy with his wife Ninay in the town of Linga. He is acquainted with Leon's parents. He has a somewhat laid-back personality and is sort of a "cool uncle" type. Although he is not above appreciating the fine figures of passing females, he totally adores his wife. He is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Star Ocean: Second Evolution

A pharmacist who runs the town's drug store with his wife Neene. He is currently a pharmacist, but he has many talents and is the type who thoroughly masters his interest, so he is actually greatly skilled in various fields including martial arts. In exchange for his help, he asks Claude and the others to retrieve a certain herb for him.
—STAR OCEAN: Second Departure Offical Website.

The party first run into Bowman at his pharmacy in Linga, where they find out he is friends with Keith, who they are currently trying to get an appointment with. Bowman could easily get them a meeting, but he can't just let anyone see Keith. When told that the party has explored Krosse Cave, he is somewhat skeptical, and claims that if they could explore the Cross Caves, they could easily explore the Sanctuary of Linga. He then makes a deal: if the party finds a new species of herb for him, he'll get them a meeting with Keith.

When the party returns with a herb, Bowman is so impressed, he goes to Keith's house and yells at Keith to get out. Keith's assistant then appears, and seeing the party with Bowman, lets them in.

When the party is finished at Keith's, Bowman invites them to stay over for the night. After talking to the rest of the party, Claude finds Bowman in his room thinking. Bowman then tells Claude that he has an interest in the Sorcery Globe, and would like to travel with him to get closer to it, saying that someone with his expertise would be of great value. Claude accepts his proposal and lets Bowman join the party. If a private action is triggered in Marze if Celine is not in the party but Bowman is, the two will reveal that they were once supposed to be married. It is unknown how he met his wife Ninay.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Immediately after the initial storyline, Bowman returns to his wife Ninay and continues to life his life out in Linga.

Bowman Blue Sphere Battle

Bowman battles a monster on Edifice.

He helps contribute to the restoration of Expel during this time, preferring to stay at home as his wife gives birth to their first child, a daughter named Eris. (This information is revealed in a private action triggered in Abba City, if Bowman is in the party and Celine is not.)

Precis, out of respect for Ninay, decides to not ask Bowman to join them on their mission. However, Bowman wants to go, and won't take 'no' for an answer. He is hesitant at first, but goes when Ninay convinces him it's the right thing to do, and that she'll still be there when he returns.


The mild-mannered pharmacist Bowman is your typical athletic male: he is proud, strong, and passionate about his interests but little else. Despite his devotion to his wife Ninay, he will still talk about and check out other pretty girls when he isn't around her. While he appears small, his muscles are well toned and surprisingly powerful. He is good at both Compounding and sports and enjoys studying, the martial arts, and advanced herbal medicine. He has an extreme dislike for fatal and/or incurable diseases.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Bowman, like Rena and Noel, uses knuckles as weapons. Unlike the two aforementioned characters, however, he is a primary fighter capable of fighting at very close range. While not having any notable stats, they are all very balanced, with his DEX and GUTS being his highest stats, usually.

Bowman's attacks are generally close range, his weapon being knuckles. While he has fast and strong attacks, he tends to quickly use up his MP, making him a fairly balanced fighter. He also possesses several Arts using medicinal pills to inflict damage and status conditions on enemies. Among his notable Special Arts are Neck Snap, which much like Ashton's Vanishing Swords will teleport him to opponents wherever they are; Self Medication, which allows him to heal himself in a similar manner to Claude's Energy Sword; and Inferno Pellets, a very fast attack that covers a large radius of explosion.

In the remake version when the player controls Bowman during random battles, his primary attack combo is two punches followed by a heavy blow with the use of both punches. He can also kick his opponent in mid-air as part of his basic attack. His powerful combos make use on his special arts as the last blow (Explosive Fist serve as the last blow for the first combo, Cataclysmic Fist is the last blow for the second and Petal Fury is the last blow for the third and final combo).


Name Starting Gain
Level 25 NA
HP 1660 NA
MP 180 NA
STR 90 2-5
CON 50 1-3
DEX 62 2-3
INT 35 1-2
LUC 118 NA
STM 35 0-1
GUTS 36 0-1
SP 100 NA

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Attribute Damage Level Learned Rank Up Changes Base Effect
Explosive Fist 4 NA 100%/1 hit Default 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 224, Long: 384 Fire off a burst of inner energy.
Poison Pellets 5 NA 100%/2 hits Default 50+ uses, 5 increase Extra hit 384 Scatter a handful of pellets that explode on impact and produce a cloud of poison.
Neck Snap 6 NA 150%/1 hit Default 16+ uses, 29 increases Damage +3.125% 512 (short range only) Jump into the air and deliver a blow from above the enemy.
Phoenix Talons 10 Fire 100%/1 hit Default 200+ uses, 2 increases Damage +50% Short: 576, Long: 768 Convert inner energy into a burst of fire that scorches enemies.
Self Medication 8 Recovery 100 base points 28 1 use, 999 increases Recovery +2 NA Restore HP using a specialty compounded medicine.
Deadly Intersection 13 NA 100%/2 hits 35 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 96, Long 128 Produce doppelgangers that attack the enemy from different directions.
Tornado Fist 15 NA 50%/4 hits 43 25 uses, 20 increases Longer duration Short: 256, Long: 512 Rotate the fist at superhuman speeds to produce a giant tornado.
Cataclysmic Fist 28 NA 200%/1 hit 43 100+ uses, 2 increases Damage +50% Short: 256, Long: 640 Focus all inner energy into the fist to produce a gigantic sphere of energy that crushes enemies.
Inferno Pellets 20 Fire 100%/2 hits 66 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit 512 Scatter a handful of pellets that produce an immense explosion on impact.
Petal Fury 36 NA 100%/6 hits 74 250+ uses, 1 increase 6 Extra hits 64 Deliver a succession of bursts of inner energy in a beautifully choreographed sequence.

Family Tree

Bowman Tree


  • If Bowman is recruited, it becomes impossible to recruit Precis F. Neumann.
  • Bowman's favorite food is Radish Miso Soup, while his favorite instrument is the Harmonica (the latter is shared with Precis).
  • Bowman's in-game sprite in Second Story/Evolution depicts him with a small ponytail, however his portrait shows him with very short hair.
    • Also in-game, his sprite shows him always having his coat off, despite him having it on in his artwork and in the case of the remake, in both the opening FMV's and his dialogue portraits.
  • As said in the game, Bowman used to work alongside Keith in Lacuer.
  • Bowman is the only character who cannot have a romantic ending with any female character due to his marriage.
  • Bowman in the original game, shares his Japanese voice with Dias Flac.


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere
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