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I hunger for it all: the water, the wind, the trees, the land. I will never be satisfied until it is all mine.


Sarah's dream.

Asmodeus (アスモデウス, Asumodeusu?) is one of the main of antagonists in the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake Star Ocean: First Departure. He is a figure of historic importance in Roak, known as "the Demon King."


The Last Hope: Asmodeus


Created on Planet Fargett as a part of the superhuman project, Asmodeus was a success, and the people of Fargett were glad that they finally had a human that could easily survive on their world. However, Asmodeus was not too happy with the world he was on, and stole the Space-Time Laboratory, transporting it away from Fargett.

Asmodeus found himself in the Demon World, where he quickly went about experimenting on the local monsters. He also declared himself ruler of the Demon World, which the native monsters had no problem with. Noticing the portal that could lead him to Roak, Asmodeus began to plan the invasion.

By S.D. 10, a group called the Church of Sydonai worshipped Asmodeus. The Sydonaists hold Asmodeus in such a high status, almost like a god, believing that he can cleanse Roak and make it pure again. To "resurrect" Asmodeus, the Sydonaists must sacrifice a "maiden of pure blood," referring to a Featherfolk woman, and they end up choosing to sacrifice Sarah Jerand. The leader of the cult is Tamiel, a Grigori.

Asmodeus is never actually shown in the game, but the image of his minions raiding Tatroi is implied to appear frequently in the dreams of Sarah.

The Archfiend defeated.

Ha ha ha! You should be ashamed of your weakness!


Eventually, Asmodeus created a super-weapon and attacked Roak, destroying the town of Durss for a "real-world example". Realizing that time wasn't on their side, Roddick Farrence and the party set off to the Demon World. They eventually got into the heart of the laboratory, where Asmodeus taunted them, claiming they were welcome to take his blood, if they could. In the final room, the party confront and kill Asmodeus, but before they could get a sample, soldiers from Fargett beamed in and stole a sample for themselves. After getting their own sample, the party left Asmodeus' corpse behind in the Demon World.


Asmodeus is fought as a boss at the Space-Time Laboratory.



  • Asmodeus is the name of the king of demons mentioned in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, and is also classified as one of the Seven Princes of Hell.