I told you I was Death incarnate.
—Arumat to Edge Maverick

Arumat P. Thanatos is an Eldarian warrior from planet Eldar. He is a playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Arumat is an Eldarian soldier, blessed with extraordinary fighting ability even by Eldarian standards. A breakdown in the structure of his muscle cells has presented him with an ultimatum: give up his current body, or die an early death. Unsurprisingly, he has chosen to live out what time he has left as a fighter, partly as redemption for the men he has lost along the way. His squadron was wiped out after being attacked by an unknown enemy in Eldarian space, leaving him as the sole survivor, but the injuries he sustained turned his muscular system into a ticking time bomb. (Eldar does not engage in interplanetary war, but this attack kicked off the Eldarian military buildup that continues to this day.) Unafraid of death, he lives a self-destructive life in his constant quest to push himself forward. Since meeting Crowe F. Almedio and Edge Maverick, however, he has begun to re-evaluate himself.

Never taking center stage, he plays a support role in their journey, although that may be born out of pure stubbornness more than anything else. He wields a giant laser scythe in battle. During a part of the ending, he and Myuria hold Reimi back from jumping to Edge. He is strong enough to hold her back with one hand without having her budge.

In Arumat's ending, which is obtained by Arumat having sufficient AR toward Edge, Arumat is on a desert planet, where he finds an Earthling soldier. He asks the soldier if he is an Earthling, and the soldier nervously nods. Arumat says he's had his "share of experience with Earthlings" before hearing another Earthling soldier scream in the distance. Arumat murmurs to himself about how "their" behavior has "rubbed off on" him, and runs off to the other soldier's aid. This unlocks "Arumat's Ending".


As a replacement to Faize Sheifa Beleth he is competent in both fighting and symbology, though favoring close range rather than symbols, unlike Faize. Capable of rather high-level attack symbology, he also has various attack skills with his scythe. In other words, he's a purely offensive character for the front lines. Many of his battle skills either involve massive one or two-hit attacks or multi-hitting attacks with great range.

Like Faize, Arumat is also skilled in Alchemy.

Special Arts

Name Max Lv Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Unholy Maelstrom 10 ATK x250%-340% 8-12 3 Level 1 Generate a giant scythe, take a swing with it, then strike it into the ground,
Nether Strike 10 ATK x220%-476% 12-18 2 Level 11 Strike the ground to call up a pillar of fire, launching the enemy skyward.
Diabolic Edge 10 ATK x276%-402% 14-21 4 Level 29 Lunge forward with a five-hit spinning scythe attack.
Bloodstorm Revolution 10 ATK x379%-451% 16-25 4 Level 48 Spin the scythe vertically at high-speed, striking over and over while rising in the air.
Aerial Gallows 10 ATK x330%-420% 18-27 5 Level 70 Jump up and grab the enemy after attacking once, before slamming them to the ground.
Dragon Roar 10 ATK x450%-910% 20-29 6 Skill Manual Strike down and watch in glee as dragons pour forth along their tracks, attacking the enemy.


Name Max Lv Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Earth Glaive 10 INT x195%-260% 5-14 3 Default Earth elemental attack symbol; Blades of stone burst forth from under the enemy's feet.
Fire Bolt 10 INT x117%-390% 5-14 2 Default Fire-elemental attack symbol; Unleashes three enemy-seeking fireballs and increases to six at level 10
Stone Rain 10 INT x195%-430% 7-16 4 Default Earth-elemental attack symbol; Countless rocks rain down on the enemy.
Explosion 10 INT x272%-485% 21-30 NA Level 58 Fire-elemental attack symbol; Sets off a large explosion centered around the enemy.
Terra Hammer 10 INT x304%-672% 21-30 NA Level 65 Earth-elemental attack symbol; Digs up three giant boulders then smashes them to the ground, and increases to six at level 10.


  • Eldarian Scythe
  • Inferno Sickle
  • Laser Scythe
  • Grim Reaper
  • Quadplex Scythe
  • Conquerer Scythe
  • Quake Scythe
  • Laser Weapon (optional works with all characters)

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Arumat icon Arumat SOA Attacker

Information Scythe - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Eldar's Reaper Gain Fire, Wind Attributes (Self) / ATK Based Damage +50%, at close range (All Attacker Allies)
13th Independent Armored Regiment Immune to Criticals, during Charge Assaults (Self) / Skills will instantly skip 2 steps of Cancel Bonus when Charge Assaulted (Self)
Soldier's DNA AP Recovery Speed +100% (Self) / Recover 100% AP upon successful evasion of attacks (Self)
Permament Scars ATK +30% (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Aerial Gallows AP Consumption -30%, All Elemental Damage +50% (Self/20sec) ATK x 5,500% 1
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Unholy Maelstorm 25 ATK x 380% 3
Purgatory Palm (Fire Element) 16 ATK x 190% 5
Bloodstorm Revolution 27 ATK x 540% 7
Decapitation 18 ATK x 230% 2
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 15,645
ATK 3,549
INT 1,537
DEF 1,969
HIT 1,127
GRD 833


The Last Hope
Material Trader


Arumat's last name, Thanatos, means "death" in Greek. His first name is an anagram of the word "trauma".


  • In the second playthrough of the game onward (if the player has clear data), when Faize is about to leave the party leading to Arumat taking his place, the player can choose to either let Arumat join regardless or keep Faize. If the player keeps Faize, however, Arumat will still appear in cutscenes even though he did not join the party. Of course, Faize will appear on the Calnus instead of Arumat, therefore eliminating any Private Actions with the latter.
  • His voice actor, Kyle Hebert, also provided voices for Dias Flac, and Crowe F. Almedio. His Japanese Seiyuu, Hiroki Touchi is also a regular in the series, having voiced a playable character in every entry and also has done voices for tri-Ace's series Valkyrie Profile.
  • His ship was numbered 04, which means death in Japanese culture.