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A Key Item obtained in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

You can obtain these key items from Roger in Surferio after Ameena is saved in Duggus Forest. They must be solved before you defeat Crosell or they will disappear forever. They say the following:

  • Hidden spring in a sea of rolling white fog: what will the stalwart father and son who stand guard think?
This one can be found in Duggus Forest, in the same area you fought the Mudman, check the rock that sits under one of the large trees in this room. (Health Berries, HP + 10%)
  • Caves as dark as death. The five attributes come in conflict. What light can reveal them?
This one says "the five attributes", referring to the Hauler Beasts in the Kirlsa Caverns. Check the torch next to the device that selects the Haulers. (Magi Berries, MP + 10%)
  • The rotted corridor, guarded by archers of the gods. The Sun King sleeps in his coffin. What shall the mute corpse say?
This one refers to the Sealed Cavern, under the temple in Aquios. It can be found in the Retail Rabbit's room. It has 2 coffins and 2 archer statues in it. The item can be found by checking the coffin on the W side of the room. (Intellect Berries, Int. + 2)
  • Which of the three shall claim the kingless throne?
This one refers to a statue in the Ancient Ruins of Mosel north of the runic chess room in B2F. You need to be about lvl 50 to lvl 60 because of the high-level monsters in here. This one cannot be solved unless the player decides to keep Roger after a crucial plot-point decision.
  • Does the sacrifice of the winged messenger of the gods gaze at hope or despair?
This one refers to a human skeleton in the Mountains of Barr. It can be found easily by allowing the wandering Air Dragon in a room with dragons skeletons to snatch the party and carry them off to a different skeleton room where the treasure is, which is inhabited by many, many small dragon enemies. (Elven Slippers, accessory, increases movement speed).
  • At the end of the caverns where the copper sleeps, the northernmost wiseman gazes upon the lake. Is it an ancient power sealed below the roots?
This one refers to Bequerel Mine, where you got the copper for the Thunder Arrow, in the outside area where the refinery can be found. The item is a found by checking a tree that is growing out of the cliff. (Demonbane Cross, accessory, has 30% chance of thwarting certain enemy attacks, i.e. no damage)
  • Burning flames of the underworld. The red twins, looked down upon by the giant from the tribe of long ears. Who can release the inner power?
The final one refers to an area in the Urssa Lava Caves, check the left torch near the large bunny statue where you got the Rabbit Ears Key. (Rabbit Ears Chalice, accessory with questionable effect) It is not stated in-game, but this item allows a kamikaze explosion technique by entering the "Konami Code" during battle... ( Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X on a PS controller). Use it at own risk!