I am who I am. Whether it's opposing the gods or cooperating with demons... I shall do as I please. It is simply a matter of doing what I think is right.
—Adray Lasbard
Adray Lasbard (アドレー・ラーズバード, Adorē Rāzubādo) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. He is a member of the Crimson Blade of Aquios and the father of fellow Crimson Blade Clair Lasbard. Along with Nel's father, Nevelle Zelpher, they succeeded in supporting the growth and foundation of the Aquarian Kingdom. He is a practitioner of Runology, which the Federation knows as Symbology. He is 58 years old. He also seems to be looking to marry his daughter to anyone he can find. He even tried Fayt once.


The gods must love me to give me the opportunity to fight the reputable dragon Crosell! Yes! Yes!!!
—Adray before confronting Crosell.

Due to his brash nature, he is often sent on dangerous missions so he doesn't get in the way of the more diplomatic events. This explains Adray's absence throughout a fair amount of the events of Star Ocean 3, as he was in the northern areas of Gaitt. After the game's end, he took up work as an explorer of the seas away from his previous role on the frontline. If the player chooses to see the queen in her throne room in Aquaria before heading to the Vox boss fight, Adray will appear and you can bring him into your party for the battle until you leave Elicoor II for the Moonbase. Adray then permanently joins the party outside of Sulferio after obtaining the Sacred Orb. Alternatively, if the player doesn't recruit him for the Vox fight, he can be recruited by visiting the queen's chamber after Gemity has been visited the first time.

When the party meets Clair Lasbard, she hints that she followed her father's footsteps in a similar manner to Nel, but she'll tell Fayt that she hopes her father isn't causing any problems for them when Adray is first brought to her base. It seems that most of the Crimson Blades seem to think of Adray as a nuisance despite his battle ability. His relationship with his daughter seems to hint that the two may have had a falling out sometime in the past, although Adray only wishes the best for her. Their strained bond is evident in Clair's reportedly violent reaction to her father having tea in her room after escorting the Queen back to Aquios, and Adray's decision to peek at her diary (which he implies he has done before) to see if she's hiding anything from him. He later seems bent on finding an "ideal husband" for her, only resulting in further problems despite his intent.

Being a high-ranking member of Aquaria's military, Adray once looked forward to facing Airyglyph's Black Brigade captain, Glou Nox, in battle, a man he considered a rival as they were both commanders in opposing armies. Before this could take place, however, Glou was killed in an unrelated incident involving his son's initiation ritual with an Air Dragon. Disheartened, having never gotten the chance to face his rival, Adray was once again excited with the prospect of meeting Glou's son, Albel, once the two nations decided on a truce while battling the common threat of the Vendeeni. Adray was teeming with excitement at wondering what sort of man Albel would be, but Adray was somewhat disappointed upon meeting him. His impression of Albel was that despite his reputation for cruelty, his appearance was "weak" and thus not a suitable rival, although the two would go on to battle foes in another dimension together, with Adray eventually recognizing Albel's ability over time.


Adray Symbology

Adray invokes the Fire Bolt symbol.

Adray is a hybrid character, using both symbology and physical attacks with Katanas. He also possesses a wide variety of symbols of varying elements to choose from, including some unique to him. Many of his physical attacks are extremely powerful, but tend to be more cumbersome and hard to use. Unfortunately, he doesn't excel in either field in particular, though he does benefit from one of the fastest casting times compared to Sophia's slowest. His stats are hard to optimize, as he cannot equip Staves which specialize in Magic boosting, and only a handful of Katanas benefit Adray's magic stats. He also has the lowest defense of the characters, the Ablative Shield being his strongest armor. He is often best used as a support character to power up allies or attack enemies from afar. He also learns Sirocco which is a recurring move derived from one of Star Ocean 2: The Second Story's Ten Wise Men: Decus, Spicule.

His far ranged attacks also have MP properties, thus he can be rather useful with MP kills.


Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Earth Glaive Default 10 MP 20 3
Fire Bolt Default 10 MP 20 2
Ice Needles Default 10 MP 20 2
Lightning Blast Default 10 MP 20 3
Healing 5 20 MP 20 -
Antidote 6 10 MP 20 -
Silence 10 10 MP 20 -
Acid Rain 19 15 MP 20 -
Efreet 21 35 MP 30 -
Protection 23 30 MP 20 -
Power Up 25 30 MP 20 -
Thunder Flare 27 40 MP 30 -
Cure Condition 29 15 MP 20 -
Deep Freeze 30 80 MP 30 -
Restoration 32 60 MP 60 -
Dark Sphere 35 200 MP 40 -
Faerie Light 37 40 MP 20 -
Reflection 39 30 MP 20 -
Southern Cross 40 120 MP 30 6
Stone Rain 42 80 MP 40 -
Explosion 45 300 MP 40 -
Gravitation 48 30 MP 20 -
Laser Beams 54 150 MP 40 -
Lightning Strike 57 300 MP 50 -
Angel Feather 60 30 MP 20 -

Battle Skills

Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Charge Default 20/5% HP 20/42 4
Aerial 22 10/5% HP 20/42 2
Chaos Tide 20 50/6% HP 20/47 5
Titan Fist 30 150/8% HP 20/47 6
Sea Gate 50 200/10% HP 25/52 6
Emotion Torrent Has to be found in the Sphere Company 156th level 250/12% HP 20/47 8
Sirocco Has to be found in the Urssa Cave Temple 200/20% HP 26/55 7

Family Tree

Adray Tree


Till the End of Time


  • Like Mirage Koas, Adray was added into the Director's Cut version of Star Ocean. Unlike Mirage, who was part of the story in the original version of the game, Adray is a completely original character who was not in the original version of the game at all.
  • Both of Adray's voice actors, Unshou Ishizuka (JP) and Beau Billingslea (ENG) also provide the voices for the character Jet from the anime Cowboy Bebop.
  • Looking at the bottom of his robe, in his holy samurai suite, ressembles that of a white mage from another Square Enix series, Final Fantasy.
  • His third outfit has a tattoo of his daughter on his back, more likely for a comical effect.