A Surprise Christmas Party was a story event in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Featured units

Featured units for this event included Winter Evelysse, Winter Fidel, and Holiday Precis.


Though they have been traveling together for but a short time, the crew of the GFSS-3214F gets ready to celebrate the longtime Earth tradition that is Christmas. Everyone is gearing up according to a compendium put together by resident researcher and tinkerer Precis F. Neumann, whom is giddy over her part in the festivities about to take place. Even Claude C. Kenny and Fidel Camuze join in the prep; and even though Fidel doesn't quite understand it, he uses the opportunity to prepare a gift for Relia.

In the midst of all the hustle, however, something has run off with the star to top the tree! It's up to all aboard to get it back. Will they find the thief in time?


  • The map for this event was drawn as each mission was completed, and was a five-point star with a cross on top.
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